How to get rid of cellulite easily!

Would you believe me if I told you that you can get rid of cellulite on your butt and thighs just by siting down?
Get ready for a shock!

I was approached by an American company called SweetCheeks and asked to review their product, a massage mat designed to improve the appearance of cellulite instantly! I thought it would be just another gimmick. SweetCheeks claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite within half an hour and all you have to do is sit on it!

Hang on a second! Who wouldn’t like to get read of cellulite doing practically noting!! 

Everyone! Wouldn’t you?! Just imagine a smooth butt and legs without the pain and sweat of the gym? Without spending cash on expensive creams, which then we have to massage in, with no guaranteed result. Like we have too much time in the day!

SweetCheeks Massaging Mat

Despite it being too good to be true I decided to give it a go. I read through their web site and realised SweetCheeks has been approved by the American Health Organisation. Such an organisation surely wouldn’t put their seal of approval on something that wasn’t working?


How does the magic happen? – Let’s Look at SweetCheeks in close up. 

SweetCheeks is a massaging mat, which you can simply place anywhere you sit. On your office chair, in the car, on a bench, you name it. It has a perforated texture, which massages gently as you sit by applying pressure. If you wiggle occasionally this re-inference will give the massage a boost – and give better results.

It’s now a well known fact in the beauty industry, that massaging our legs and bum makes the biggest difference to the appearance of cellulite. The genius of SweetCheeks is the fact we actually don’t have to do much to perform a massage that, with most anti-cellulite massaging devices, is just a chore.

SweetCheeks Massaging Mat

The results are immediate! The appearance of the skin will improve instantly, although initially you’ll have a little print of your mat on your thighs after 15 minutes or so this disappears revealing smoother looking skin.

Let’s clarify that SweetCheeks Cellulite Massage Mat is not getting rid of cellulite, or so called orange peel. However it helps to stimulate microcirculation and brake apart fat, as a result your skin appears smoother.

Instant to long term result!


I figured out that regular use of SweetCheeks combined with a anti-cellulite cream must give better long term result and improve the appearance of my skin overall. So I make sure to sit on my SweetCheeks the last half hour of work just before I have my shower and put my ant-cellulite product on.

Darling, if you haven’t got time in the day to brush your teeth and want cellulite free legs, look this way! After a few tests I’m happy to put my shorts on come spring.

Buy or not to buy?

SweetCheeks isn’t cheep, it costs $159.99. Pricey? No more than just over two tubes of a premium anti-cellulite product – and it’s not going to run out. At least here in the UK you’re looking at spending about £35 – £40 for a good quality ant-cellulite cream, which if used regularly will last you up to two months.


SweetCheeks will last forever and is easy to use. I was extremely impressed with the product when I unwrapped it. It’s made of great quality material, that looks strong and feels great to touch. It feels nice when you sit on it too. You will be able to tell you’re sitting on someone but it’s nothing painful or unpleasant.


It comes in a box with plenty of information on how to use it. Finally your mat is packed in a handy case to store it. I would be chuffed with it if I purchased it online. I suppose you expect to receive a product of good quality when you’re spending this much on it. I think it could be a great trick for getting your pins out this season with confidence. A ‘lazy cow’ beauty gadget must-have without doubt!


You can find SweetCheeks here.

Have you ever tired one of these?

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  • Reply March 25, 2016

    Joanne M Mallon

    oh I really like the sound of this, it sounds like such fun to use. Cellulite creams are such a waste of money though, no way did anybody ever get rid of their cellulite by rubbing in a cream. I got rid of my cellulite by doing lots of leg exercise, but it took months to make a difference.

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