New Joli Rouge lipsticks- a must try lipstick.


Social Beautify - Ewa Pietreniuk in Joli Rouge

New Joli Rouge lipsticks feel utterly smooth and nourishing, thanks to their new moisture-enriched formula. They’ll give you that perfect pout like you’re starring in your very own lipstick commercial. You know, the gorgeous and plumped lips that pout at us from the covers of glossy magazines? Yes those! It’s not often you can actually recreate that look at home. However, this new range is packed with intensely nourishing and high-shine ingredients that give you a perfect pout.


You can say thank you to such gorgeous nourishing ingredients as organic marsh samphire extract and mango oil. They will nourish and protect your lips for up to 6 hours. This delivers an incredible moisturising result combined with a high shine lip product.

jolie Rouge range

I’ve been addicted to bold and bright shades from the range. With the bolder and brighter shades you really can appreciate how rich and nourishing this formula is. Just look how gorgeous and glamours they look. I have been wearing red nearly every day and I think you may like it too.

The texture of new Joli Rouge allows you to build layer upon layer. You don’t have to go all the way but gently build the intensity. The texture, although shiny, creates juicy looking lips with real staying power. You’ll notice that the brighter and bolder shades even leave a tiny little bit of a stain on your lips.

There are 25 stunning shades to choose from so you are guaranteed to find one which is going to suit your lifestyle and mood.

Social Beautify in Clarins

Clarins even tried to perfectly shape this lipstick so it raps around you lips for easier and more precise application. You my not notice this right away but I have to say I found it pretty easy to apply bold bright red right from the bullet, which may explain why.

New Joli Rouge lipsticks are priced at £19.50, which keeps them on the lower end of premium lipstick price.

New Jolie Rouge Clarins

My favourite shades are 743 Cherry Red and 738 Royal Plum 

Have you tried new Joli Rouge? What’s your favourite lipstick of all time?

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