Glo & Ray is a new addition to the UK cosmetic market.

How is this brand different? 

The clue is in the name; Glo & Ray draws its inspiration from light to create a collection that is going to illuminate your pretty face. The brand is all about luminosity and vibrant colour.

You’ll find in the range products for the face, eyes, lips and more. At the moment they’re only available online but I really hope this range will hit drugstores soon. I think it has the potential to become a well loved brand that flies off the shelves.

The price factor. 

With a very good price point this range could successfully compete with other lmid-range drugstore brands. Here are my first impressions on the brand, based on three different products I was sent to try.

My favourite was Sky Breaker Lasting Silky Eyeliner. I tried Dark Brown no 301 which, priced at £5.50, gives Charlotte Tilbury’s rok’n’kohl iconic liquid eye pencil in Barbarella Brown a run for its money! It might not be as water resistant but I wore Glo & Ray liner on my bare eyelids and it hasn’t budged or smudged even though it was a hot day. There are some unusual and interesting colours available in the range too.

Next comes their lipstick. In its heavy case it feels great in your hands; the packaging feels expensive. It’s modern, without unnecessary adornments. You’ll be pleased to know that all lipsticks are just £12 and they do feel nice on the lips too. There’s a range of bold colours to choose from. To stay on trend this autumn/winter season you may want to try the lipstick in Santa Red.

Their Powder Blush for £11 is also a great buy. The texture is soft and very pigmented. There’s a mirror and a brush included. The brush maybe isn’t the most refined but it has lovely soft bristles, which makes it pleasant to use. As the brand is all about illuminating your face you’ll find that the blusher also has light reflecting pigments. You won’t need to use a highlighter with it. The blush alone will make your skin look fresh and youthful. The only thing is these blushers might be just a little too shiny for mature skin or skin with severe imperfections. Unlike a highlighter you’d use blusher on the bigger surface of the skin, and different areas, which is why I think a lot of shimmer and shine in this particular product might enhance lines and pimples instead of camouflaging them.

Glo & Ray say they’re elegant, glamorous, unique and professional. I tried three different products and so far would agree with some of these words. Vibrant yes. I can agree with elegance as the packaging is simplistic and slick, all the products feel good in your hand but I wouldn’t say ‘glamorous’. I’d reserve this adjective for more luxurious brands. Those that look, smell, and feel luxurious. Professional is a tricky one. As the products are good quality they could certainly serve professional makeup artists and be a cost effective addition to their kit, but having said that maybe I need to try more of the range to give my definitive view – something I would not mind doing!

I’m wearing:


Glo & Ray Sky Breaker Lasting Silky Eyeliner in Dark Brown 301

Lipstick – Valentine 645

Solo Blush – Luna Maroon 501

Let me know your thoughts if you have a chance to try any products from Glo & Ray.

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