Beauty Gadget: The Newa Skin Rejuvenating system to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen.

You’d like to look younger? And you want your lines and wrinkles to disappear as if by magic?!

You’re lucky because we live in a very exciting time when technology can help us to achieve such ambitious beauty goals.

This time we’re going to look in depth at the Newa device, a collagen boosting beauty gadget. These ain’t cheap toys so let’s have a proper look.

Today we’re going to inspect the Newa Skin Rejuvenating system by HoMedics. 

Who is this device best for?

I don’t want to waste your time so before we get onto the product details, let’s talk about the results you can achieve; we need to make sure Newa is the right thing for you. Newa is a Skin Rejuvenating System, which boosts Collagen and Elastin. You can consider it from your thirties upwards. Bear in mind though that the younger you are the harder for you it’ll be to notice dramatic improvements. Collagen in the skin is not vanishing overnight, it’s a process that occurs over time. You’ll start noticing loss of firmness and the first fine lines in your thirties. As the collagen drops year by year any device that helps to boost its production will deliver a more significant result.

Have you got what it takes? 

You won’t see the results after one use. You need consistency and time if you want to see Newa work its magic on your skin. If you’re someone who cant remember to moisturise your skin more than once a week than I’d say go and read another post, maybe something more light hearted, like some recent makeup posts. Personally I believe that you have to be consistent with your routine before you splurge on beauty gadgets like this one.

Still reading? Great news! That means you’re determined enough to put some effort in to get your skin on top form! :) I like this attitude.

About the Newa!

It’s not rocket science, so there’s no need to worry, but let me refer you to the Newa manual for the full product information;

The Newa, by utilising six unique electrodes, transmits thermal (heat) energy into the deep layer of the skin to trigger collagen remodelling that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve your skin tone and texture. 3DEEP Radio Frequency technology combines the delivery of controlled heat deep into the skin, while preserving the overlying epidermis.

Why does it work?

The new device is designed to tighten the existing collagen further and trigger new Collagen and Elastin formation by reaching the deep dermal layer where new Collagen and Elastin fibres form.

How quickly can you see the results? 

For best results you should use the Newa 5 times a week for the first 4 weeks. To maintain your skin you only need to use it two to three times a week. You will see after the first few weeks it’s much easier.

I started noticing some improvement after a couple of weeks. The initial two week period was the headrest to get on and use it. I was working a lot both on the blog and with my freelancing. My schedule was hectic and I had quite a few late finishes. When you get home at 10pm and it’s midnight in a flash, the last thing I wanted to do was sit with my Newa and rub my face. Mr.D was the devil’s advocate, continuously questioning me about whether any of these super gadgets do anything. But I resisted and I didn’t give up. Let’s look at that first month in more detail.


Week 1

I’ve used Newa only 4 times. Even though it was late at night and I really wanted just to go to bed I stayed up all in the name of this experiment. Once I started it wasn’t so bad at all. Your device has small electrodes that emit the heat so you need to use an Activating Gel, which is included, with it. You’ll quickly figure out how much of Activating Gel you need and how fast to move you Newa on the skin.

Week 2

That’s when I felt that Newa had become part of my routine and it wasn’t a hassle any more. I just knew it’s something I’d do before bed. I enjoyed the warm feeling on my skin. It was making me sleepy actually and made the whole process much more pleasant. At the end of the second week I started noticing results. As my skin is very smooth for my age it was hard to notice significant results right away, but I could tell the overall texture and firmness had improved. My skin was smoother and appeared fresh and plumped all over.

Week 3 

I started believing more that this can actually improve skin so I was super religious with my sessions making sure I performed 5 sessions a week. I focused on some areas of my main concerns. Laughter lines around my lips and frown lines on my forehead. I made sure I was applying my Newa to these areas every time I used the device. On my forehead I was using setting 1, which will emit lower heat than setting 2. I found this was more comfortable on the forehead where skin is very thin. In the instructions there’s no indication to use Newa on the forehead but I thought it worn’t hurt if I try!

Week 4

I was going away and I took my Newa with me. I was used to my routine and it was much easier to just get on and do it. At that point I thought my laughter lines by my mouth had smoothed out a little. I started obsessively using my Newa on that area. I was with my mum that week so I asked her to have a go with Newa too.

She thought it was easy and pleasant to use.

I could easily sit and watch a film whilst doing it,

she said

Well there you have it. She really liked it and with a more relaxed schedule since her retirement she had no issue with fitting it into her daily schedule. If I haven’t watched she would have nicked my Newa!

End of week 4 

By the end of the fourth week I was 100% convinced that using the Newa device religiously has improved my skin condition. My skin looked smoother all over, had plumped out which was a joint result of perfect hydration (I’ve been very good with drinking my water), plus some improved collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. I was more than sure the lines around my mouth had smoothed out a little. This is all based on visual comparison as I took some images before I started using Newa to have a reference. Judging just with my eyes and how I know my skin I’d say that my deepest lines have smoothed out by about 40 to 50%. Overall my skin’s appearance is very satisfying, too. I am happy with the result.


The little faults!

The Newa works great on the sides of your face; from your mouth to you ears and on your neck. Even though the manual doesn’t recommend it I’ve been using it on my forehead but seen little improvement on my frown lines. I’d love to be able to use a collagen boosting device on my lips but this particular one wasn’t good to do so. It’s too hot for the sensitive skin on and around  the lips. Plus l felt like the tiny heat sensors were a little too sharp to use over uneven and delicate skin on your mouth. Of course I tried. Yes I know it’s not recommended but I had to see what would happen. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’d have that idea. It felt hot and I nearly cut my lip so won’t recommend you experiment like I did.

You’ll also need to replace your Activator Gel after some time. The tube is absolutely massive and it’ll last a long time, but if you use it regularly over and over again, you’ll probably use a couple of those a year.

So you like the sound of this collagen booster and line eraser?! But ‘how much’ I hear you ask!? It costs £199 and is exclusively available at Boots.

How to use Newa? 

You’ll find all the detail in the manual that comes with it. You can also check out their website at, but here is some basic information on the usage that will hopefully help you decide if this is right for you.

First you need to plug it in, by following the instructions included in the box. It’s very simple and ready to use straight from opening the packaging. No charging time. There’s no battery to charge, your device simply needs to be plugged in to work. The cord is really long so you should have enough freedom to use it.

Secondly choose the correct setting, which determines the heat strength. You have only two to choose between. Read your instructions, then it’ll be easier to choose the right one for you.

Now apply small amount of Activating Gel into the electrodes. Your gel is included in the box.  Press the blue square button to activate the session. One session will last 4 minutes and your Newa will switch off after this time. Now it’s crucial that you work across different areas. So you’ll want to divide your face at least in 4 sections, and maybe a couple more if you’d like to work on your neck too. Instructions with the images are included so it all becomes more clear if you have a look at it.

For best results you should work on each sections of the face for 4 minutes at a time.  You’re going to spend around 20-30 minutes in total (depending on how many section you’ve chosen) using Newa for the first 4 – 5 weeks. If you can’t commit to this, you most likely wont see the results you’re after.

How does it sound to you? Have you ever used a similar device, or perhaps you tried Newa? What was your experience and results?

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