Angel Passion – Limited edition from Thierry Mugler


This saucy bottle has just launched in stores and it’s an Angel Passion limited edition from Thierry Mugler for this Christmas season. It holds the traditional sweet and spicy Angel fragrance. This little red number comes as a 50ml Eau De Parfum refillable bottle, so it can stay in your collection for good. You can refill it at the counter from Angel Source or at home with an ANGEL Eco-Source bottle.

So why has Angel star turned ruby red? 

Let’s not hide from the fact that all things nice are a little bit of ‘ sugar and spice’, and so is Angel. Red was chosen to express the passionate notes of the original fragrance. Red is ultra feminine and glamourous. Just think how much we all love a little bit of red lips, we all desire that juicy red pout. Even if at times we’re a little scared to rock that look. This ruby red coloured bottle is also a metaphor to what the notes in the scent represent.

Thierry says;

Red … like the juicy fruit accord enveloping the vanilla with a tangly note at the heart of Angel.

Red … like the ardent sensuality that threatens to escape from the Angel bottle, to indulge the woman who wears it in the Angel effect.

Red is also a tribute to childhood memories of the creator, like red toffee apples at funfairs.

Thierry says it’s red like the favourite lipstick of Georgia May Jagger, the glamorous Angel muse from 2014.

Object of temptation.

Angel is addictive and even though at first often overwhelming when you give it a chanceit may surprise you.

I’m very happy to see a refillable bottle within the limited edition. It was hard breaking to throw my summer limited edition frosty bottle away.

Points means prizes! 


Make sure to ask for Thierry Mugler Passport when you by your Angel. You’ll be collecting stamps for every £5 you spend on the counter. These are later redeemable agains gorgeous products from the range. Before you know it, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a bloody lotion or another bottle of perfume. You can’t go wrong with this!! I can’t believe I was unaware of this for such a long time.

I once was told that all refillable bottles of Angel fragrances are hand made. If so, refiling them is being appreciative to someones hard work, isn’t it?  Plus it’s being environmentally friendly. I am trying to become greener and I love brands being sustainable.

New Limited edition ANGEL PASSION, comes as 50ml Eau de Parfum and cost £65.

Oh and I think it’ll make a lovely Christmas gift too. This is such a festive red after all.

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