YOSO PRO – amplify your cleansing and moisturising routine.

YoSo Pro Cleansing Device and Booster

YOSO PRO although often referred to as a cleansing device is much more than that. Keep reading If you’re looking to improve the results your skincare delivers, if you want to make the most of your moisturisers, or if you’re looking for a cleanse that won’t irritate your sensitive skin.

You’ll appreciate this device if you take a lot care when looking after your skin, and have a great routine in place anyway. It’s a powerful add on to your skincare if you’re able to give yourself a couple more minutes every night to perform the ritual.

YOSO Pro is a perfect choice for you if your skin congests easy and is too sensitive to use cleansing brushes or exfoliates.

What is YOSO PRO? 

It’s one of latest beauty gadgets designed by the Japanese brand Maxell. It uses positive and negative ions to draw the impurities out of your pores, or to push your moisturiser into the deeper layers of your skin. It’s often referred to as a cleansing device but I think it’s far more than that. I actually love it more for all the additional functions rather than just the cleanse alone, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

The tech bit

The device is very easy to use. Various modes and strength levels are very clear to understand so using it is a doddle. It’s small and very light so even though initially it may feel like a toy, it’s great to use long term as won’t give you a stiff hand.

When you first take it out of the box you’ll have to fully charge it, this takes about five hours. During use YOSO PRO vibrates. This helps to stimulate your skin by massaging it, but also lets you know that it’s working. If your device isn’t vibrating during use this means it’s not operating.

To cleanse it uses a positive charge, removing fine dirt trapped in your pores using the natural power of electricity. Of course it’s a very fine and delicate micro current, which you don’t even feel on your skin. It’s as if YOSO PRO, just like a magnet, is able to pull micro dirt out of your pores, which can easily build up.

By using a negative charge YOSO PRO allows your moisturiser to absorb deep into the skin for more effective moisturising. If you have a regular textured moisturiser then you will simply spread it evenly over the titanium metal head of the device and use it directly on your skin. However if you’re moisturiser is clear, place it onto a fresh cotton pad and then onto the device.

There is also an additional setting called boost, which you can use for pampering nights. It’s perfect with a sheet mask and this mode would use positive and negative ions altogether, switching between them.

What I make of it:

Cleanse: Using YOSO PRO as a cleansing device was the hardest to get my head around. I’m a Clarisonic user, which made me think that if a brush is not moving round my face my pores can’t be clean. This is simply what I was used to. Leaving my beloved Clarisonic aside wasn’t easy, however I soon discovered that YOSO cleanse was very enjoyable.

Remove your makeup first before using YoSo then you have two options.

Firstly you can add your cleanser onto the cotton pad, which you’ll attach to the device head and simply massage it on, cleansing your face.

Secondly, you can wash your face as normal and use the cleanse mode with a toner on top of a cotton pad. This was my preferred method. I used it once a day after cleansing and with my toner from the new DHC skincare range. 

It took me about a couple of weeks before I decided that my pores were not congasted despite I wasn’t using my Clarisonic. If you have sensitive skin where using brushes is just too harsh, this could be the answer!


This is my favourite mode. I feel like I’m giving my skin a little bit more time as the device is forcing me to massage my skin. This alone and the negative charge, which is helping to push your skincare into the deeper layers, where it can work hard to deliver results.

I can tell the difference when I’m using YoSo PRO for moisturising as my skin appear clearer, radiant and supple. Remember to see exceptional results, you’re looking for a long term use. If you’re continuously use your skincare with YOSO PRO, massaging your skin and making sure the products you use can work to their absolute maximum you’ll certainly see results. The longer the more significant. I’m talking here about years rather than months. I simply believe that this isn’t just like another beauty product but an investment in you, your skin and time you give it. So in a few years time when you have your next school reunion, you could look like you stopped time.


This setting you’d probably use occasionally. It’s particularly good with sheet type masks. If regular visits to a beautician are as rare to you as they are to me, you’ll probably appreciate that on this mode as you can maximise your masks performance.

Buy or not to buy?

If you’re buying this just as a cleansing device then I probably would shop around and compare  what else is out there. If brushes and any cleansing that involves friction is simply causing your skin sensitivity then this would be a safe and delicate option. If you want to maximise on your skin care and introduce a routine that is going to benefit your skin long term then this device is definitely a win.

I have tested other handheld small massagers, and I don’t feel they were as pleasant and easy to use as YOSO PRO. This is why I really like YOSO PRO for its skin boosting benefits. Personally I’d most likely stick to Clarisonic for a cleanse and YOSO PRO to moisturise my skin.

YOSO PRO is now available to buy at feelunique.com simply follow the link here.

Have you ever tried a device like YOSO Pro or any other skin managing and skincare boosting devices? What results have you noticed?

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