Ghost Girl – a new scent just for Girls

Ghost Girl

Last month Ghost launched a new fragrance, Ghost Girl. Packed in a funky bottle, with a quirky campaign and a smell that is both sweet and spicy this mischievous fragrance will tap perfectly into a young market audience.


Ghost Fragrances have created this perfume for young girls. Those in the late teens or early twenties. With a mixture of crunchy pear, pomegranate, raspberry and bergamot in the top notes, Ghost Girl is certainly sweet and fresh. Middle notes of tuberose and almond flower give it that girly twist. But as all girls like to have fun, there’s amber and sandalwood in the base to give this scent a little kick.


Ghost Girl is perfectly designed for such a young audience. It looks cool and trendy. The smell is present and funky but not overpowering.


Despite many fragrances out there being targeted to young girls, this is certainly one that is funky and fun. A cleverly designed bottle has given the Ghost fragrance an iconic flacon to keep it feminine but jazzed up with Ghost Girl graffiti all over. It makes it cool and desirable.

Ghost Girl stands for energy, individuality and playfulness and with Charlotte Free as the face of the Ghost Girl campaign, girls will have no doubts this is their scent!


In my thirties I may not feel exceptionally feminine spritzing Ghost Girl from it’s quirky pink bottle, but it certainly earned the approval of my teenage cousin.


Times have definitely changed since I was her age and dreaming of my first fragrance. Everything was so grown up and boring, yet I remember dying for a bottle of Vanilla Fields ( hands up if you can remember it).


Ghost girl comes in three sizes 30ml, 50ml and a 100ml bottle. They will retail at £25, £34 and £46.50.


What was your first ever scent? Do you remember it?

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