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Once upon a time there was a foundation with a brush that everyone loved. Others tried to create equal masterpieces but no one ever got even close to succeeding. Now, the Icon has been reformulated and the famous brush dispenser redesigned to create a new Light Expert Click Brush Foundation that can be the Queen of brush foundations for another decade!

Fairy godmother magic wand!

Illuminating Flawless finish foundation comes with a brush, or rather in a brush. Please notice the type of brush. The kabuki brush is of a high quality. Fine and soft bristles are extremely gentle on the skin. Your foundation is distributed evenly over 4 points of the kabuki brush to allow easy and even application. You click at the back and product comes out to the tip of the brush. This is amazing as often similar inventions will dispose product into the centre of a brush. You then find yourself using more product than needed, as you simply can’t see how much has came out. Terry de Gunzburd, who created Light Expert Click Brush foundation has developed another icon, which I bet any money you’re familiar with. She was the woman behind the first product with a brush, the iconic Touch Eclat from YSL.


The brush is wonderful, there’s just the right amount of product dispensed, but what about the hygiene!! How are you supposed to keep it clean? By Terry has you covered there too! No need to fear because Light Expert’s Click Brush’s clever design allows you to take it apart and wash it! See nothing to fear! Plus you can see how much of the foundation you have still left.

Cinderella transformation

New Light Expert Click Brush foundation offers light to medium coverage. Click once for sheer coverage. Perfect for girls on the go! No time, no problem! Application is fast and easy, even if you do it on the move.

Click twice and you’ll have enough foundation to achieve moderate coverage. Perfect for a flawless finish. You may want to use a little concealer to hide any imperfections. Use click brush to buff foundation into your skin. You may find it’s easier if you use it in downwards strokes on the high points of you face and in a circular motion on your cheeks. I had to use it a couple of times before I got used to the brush and was achieving with it a flawless result.

If you want to party past midnight you don’t have to worry, your Light Expert won’t fade away. This foundation can be easily reapplied on top of your existing makeup to freshen up your look. It’ll buff in and add extra coverage so you can enjoy your day or night no matter how long it is.


To give you best possible finish and long and comfortable wear this foundation is full of innovative technology and some of the best ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid to plump your skin and keep it hydrated all day long. Its ‘feather-light’ formula allows you to extend, layer and model this foundation for a lightweight finish.

It promises to camouflage pores and lines too. I have to admit that even when I was assessing my skin after a long day it looked smooth and even. The foundation was in place and my skin looked hydrated. Despite a smooth finish I haven’t noticed it was erasing my pores any better than using a primer like Hyaluronic Glow would, nevertheless the final result was satisfying.

When I applied it initially I felt it’s more visible than Sheer Expert and not as smooth, however I soon changed my mind. 5 to 10 minutes after application it looked totally different. As if it needs time to melt into your skin and become like one. Initially I also wasn’t as good with the brush applicator so I had to help myself with a Beauty Blender. But when I tried it for the second and then third time, I was able to recreate the same smooth finish with just the new Light Expert Click Brush foundation.

I love By Terry foundations. I used to use Sheer Expert for ages. New Light Expert Click Brush foundation offers a little bit more coverage but far less than Cover Expert. Just how I like my foundation to be.

There are 6 shades, which can slightly adapt to your skin.

I’m using shade No 5 – Peach Beige. It’s just a touch warmer than my skin, but blends nicely, leaving my complexion looking a touch warmer than usual.

Have you used a product with an incorporated brush before? What did you think of it?

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