Shimmering Makeup – AW15 Collection from RMK


The Urban Gold Collection - RMK


Japanese Brand RMK has launched their new makeup collection for Autumn and Winter 2015. The Collection is inspired by the glistening lights of New York City, and with the name ‘The Urban Gold Collection’, you can expect a lot of gold tones and shimmer in nearly every product.

If you like makeup that glistens than you’ll find some lovely gems here. I tend to stay away from glitter, yet in this collection I found a few items that I’ll definitely use to update my look this Autumn.

Shine Bright!

Gold Impression Illuminator (£33) is a key piece in this collection. Use it to highlight your cheeks, the  bridge of your nose, and even a tiny bit  in the corner of your eyes. It does contain a little bit of fine glitter as well as a typical highlighter type shine, which in my opinion makes it more appealing to a younger audience. After trying it on my pale skin, I do think that the gold tones of the Illuminator will look stunning on everyone with olive or darker skin tones. The RMK collection in full however, is created to suit all skin tones. Look this way if you’d like to sparkle this party season!

All day liner.

OMG! The now eyeliners are incredible! There are 7 shades in the range. All have rich pigment and come in Autumnal shades of brown, red and green. The Ingenious Liquid Eyeliner (£15.50) comes with a thin brush. But you don’t need to have any worries about drawing a straight line – you’ll find that it is easy to grip and the brush has a nice firmness to it, which makes it simple to get the line very precise. I always  used to struggle with these type of applicators in the past, but I’m very chuffed with how this one turned out. What do you think?

Social Beautify in The Urban Gold Collection - RMK

Glistening Eyes

The dual eye-shadow sets are probably my least favourite in the collection. Leave them if you like intense shades, which are build- able. Look this way if you like a wash of colour on your eyes. You might like them too if you want to use your fingers and nothing else to apply your eye shadow!

The cream shadow works as a base, but you need only a tiny little bit. If you build up the cream shadow to create colour intensity, it’ll crease as the day goes on. Using a little of it is best,  followed by setting it with the powder shadow. The powder shadow from this set has a satin finish with glitter particles. I’m not that keen on the glittery eyes, this was a second reason that I didn’t fall in love with this particular shadow.

However there are also two single powder eyeshadows which are definitely more up my street.  You can see me wearing Ingenious Powder Eyes in Copper Gold in the image above.

Lips you just want to kiss!


Shimmering Makeup from RMK



Do you like bold or sheer lipsticks? RMK has something for everyone in this collection. If you’re after bold and bright you’d love Irresistible Bright Lips! I had a chance to try Irresistible Bright Lips (£19.50) in Deep Berry. I wore it for a day and absolutely loved this shade.

On my desk however, landed an Irresistible Glow Lips ( £19.50) lipstick in Coral Beige, which you can also see me wearing on the image above.  These lipsticks feel  almost like a  balm and are incredibly hydrating. The coverage is sheer but they last relatively well. There are two more shades in this range – a Shiny Gold, which you can apply on top of other lipsticks if you  want to add a glossy, gold finish. The third lipstick in this range is a Deep Red, perfect if you’d like to start wearing darker lipsticks or looking for your first red.



Nail Colour!

Every single one of the four new shades is fabulous and festive. I was sent beige, which is the only shade without glitter. Want to stick with beige but be more festive? Try Metallic Beige. My top choice is Black Gold, which has actually nothing to do with black. This looks really great – it appears more Autumnal gold -green in colour,  rather than  a fresh Spring green shade. The collection also includes a Crystal Gold, which you can use alone or as na amazing top coat.  This season,  the nail polishes definitely caught my eyes. I may stay away from shimmer on the eyes, but give me glittery nail polish and I will take them all!

If you’re in London for your Christmas Shopping ( OMG first mention this year about Christmas Shopping – time to prepare!) check out the Urban Gold collection, which is Available at  the RMK counter at Selfridges from the 27th August 2015. You can also shop online here.

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