Clarins autumn makeup collection 2015

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015


Clarins autumn makeup collection is already available on counter. Let’s take a closer look at the products, shades and textures.

Clarins creates makeup to enhance natural beauty. You’ll find natural tones and light to medium textures in this collection. Even the new lipstick shades appear to be working with the colour of autumn.

The Limited eye palette.

Social Beautify wearing Pretty Day Palette by Clarins

With soft pink, beige and brown tones this 5 Colour Eye Palette called Pretty Day, will take you from day to night. The lighter shades are very soft and are somehow similar on the eyelids. You’ll also have a choice of matt or satin finish shades to alter your look.

Use mid tones in the socket line to help define the eye and keep the entire look looking light. Perfect for a day/work scenario. Turn it into evening sophistication with a swipe of a dark brown shade in the socket line using a blending brush. This will quickly and easily add drama and definition to your look. Apply eye liner if you’d like to define your eyes even further.

Social Beautify in Clarins Pretty Day Palette

The palette retails at £33 and is available as a limited edition piece.

The cream-to-powder eyeshadow.

There are two new shades of Clarins cream- to – powder eye shadows introduced to the collection. The range is growing each season giving you a better selection of shades among those easy eye transformers.

Cream To Powder eyeshadow 2015 edition

The new shades are black and grey-purple. The shade I tried is called Heather 08. Despite looking grey in the pot, when applied on the eyes lids it is noticeably purple-grey. It’s probably my most favourite shade so far from the range. Perhaps besides 01, which is a fabulous base shade.

Price £19

The liner. 

True Violet no.10 - Clarins Eye Pencil

You’ll find two new kohl eye liner shades. I like the mix of the new purple (True Violet no.10) shade with the new shade in powder-to-cream eyeshadow. Look this way if you’re eyes are green or brown, this shade will make them pop! Clarins Khol pencils have a lovely texture, not too soft whilst not too hard, which makes them easy to use. Plus there’s a good quality brush on the other end of the liner, which is perfect for blending your eyeliner.

Price £17

The Eye Brow Pencil.

Clarins Eye Brow Pencil

There’re some new shades in the eye brow pencils too. Something for blond and platinum blond. A lovely Soft Blond shade (03) and deeper, darker shade for that Cara Delevingne kind a brows. Darker, bolder!

Price £17

New lipstick.

Red Paprika Lipstick from Clarins

There are a couple of new shades in the Rouge Eclat range. I tried beautifully red with deep orange undertones, very appropriately called Red Paprika no. 22. This is the first time I tried the Rouge Eclat range. Even though they have a balm like texture I like how intense the colour is on the lips. The lasting power is relatively good too considering these are moisturising and glossy finish lipsticks.

Traditionally I’ve filmed a video to talk you through the entire collection and show how it looks when it’s on. Sit back, relax and enjoy.



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