Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit – 8 things to know before you but it!

Another affordable gadget appeared recently on the drugstores beauty shelves. Before you go and jump to purchase one of these there are a couple of things you should know though.

  1. It’s more time consuming than you may anticipate. It’ll take you quite some time to figure out how much product you need and how to blend it on your skin for good results. It took me half a leg before I was somehow efficient. So if you think it’s as easy as it looks when you have it done in a salon you’ll probably find yourself fiddling around for some time.
  2. This isn’t something you can just do quickly and run out the door. Your wax needs to melt in the pot first. It needs to reach the right temperature to become soft so it’s ready to use. This takes about 30 minutes if you’re melting 4 discs. 
  3. You’ll use more wax discs than the company says. I’m also not the only person who said that. When I bought my set I also bought additional disks just in case. To do both of my half legs I use all 4 discs. Your set will come with an initial 4 discs. Later you can buy a pack of 6 discs for around £10 and if you were thinking of waxing your full leg you’ll certainly need at least that for each session.
  4. Your set comes with a plastic spatula to apply your wax. There’s nothing wrong with it except the fact that I simply cant remove the remaining wax left on it, even using the suggested method of cleansing with oil. I think eventually this will get very grubby and messy. I’d rather have a disposable one.
  5. Keeping your pot clean and clear from wax on the rim may prove harder than it seems. Each time you take some wax out of the pot there are tiny strings of wax pulling behind. This wax sticks to the pot. If you work fast you can remove some of it but I think with time it’ll build up and putting the lid back on my become tricky. Veet suggest to use some oil to remove any wax on on the rim of the pot, but I don’t find it effective at all. If you have a method then please share.
  6. It’s difficult to use this wax on the back of your legs as it’s liquid and hardens quickly. Of course it’s super hard to see what you’re doing as well. I simply gave up. Using strip wax on the other hand is not a problem as you don’t have to worry about it going everywere else but your legs. So if you don’t have anyone to help you out, you may want to consider using the good old ready made wax strips.
  7. The final result I achieved was very good. Saying this it would be comparable to the results I get when using my Veet strip wax.
  8. You’ll have to remove any remaining bits of wax from your skin. You’ll need some oil or Veet Wax removal wipes. Make sure you have one of these handy before you start waxing.

To buy or not to buy. 

It very much depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. If you’re good with all beauty tricks you’ll probably find it easy to use. If time is not an issue you may like it. But if you like a quick and fuss free option I’d suggest you stick to your regular visits to a salon or the ready made Veet wax strips.

You can buy Veet Spawax Strapless Wax Kit only at boots. If you’d like to buy it online you can use this link.

If you had a chance to use the Veet strapless wax pot and you love it, please do share with us your tips on how to get the most of it.


  • Reply May 13, 2016


    I tried it and it works for me. Yes I agree with you that it will take sometime so I guess that’s the downside of the product. For the spatula,just put some baby oil and freeze it before scrapping the wax. I guess for the number of waxes you are going to use, maybe it depends on the type of hair you have.

    • Reply May 21, 2016


      Hi Mel,

      Thanks for your comment. Great tip with the wax on the spatula, must try it! In a room temperature I just couldn’t scrape it off. I think the amount of wax we use may also depend on how experienced we are in doing it. I usually epilate my lags and if I waxed I always had it done so I had 0 practice :) I have to admit I went back to using my epilator, I was simply too slow. As it’s working for you do you mind answering a couple of questions? I just thought it might help others in the future. Do you find it always grips and removes al the hair? How often to you use it to keep your skin smooth. How long would you say it takes you to do your legs if you doing only half a leg?

      Thanks so much in advance and again thank you for commenting.
      Ewa xx

    • Reply June 8, 2020

      Lyn Constantine

      Iv used my veet machine for a long time I’m pleased with it I dont scrap excess wax on rim I use the middle with no problems I would recommend it to all the only thing I have problem with,have do you clean the actual pot? I have no problems removing wax off spatual just pick it off thanks veet

  • Reply October 1, 2016


    I found that you need to use double the wax strips recommended. I have had my legs waxed for 4 years and don’t have hairy legs. I am also toned and not overweight. I found that the wax plug easily falls out and it is poorly made. I found the Reckitt Benckiser in Australia acknowledged many complaints with the electrical cord but only offered replacement products made by them and not a refund. I am submitting a formal complaint to Fair Trading.

  • Reply October 10, 2016


    Just some feedback! I just bought the product and so far I am loving it! It really does grip almost all the hairs and pulls them off, I found the formula much much better than the veet strip wax formula.

    I do recommend buying lots of wax disc however, I used up mine very quickly! And the cleaning is really quite difficult; using oil I can hardly get the wax off of the rim of the pot, and I’m trying super hard to keep mine mint condition but its very difficult to clean! If anyone has any tips, do share!

    Other than that, I love it :)

  • Reply October 21, 2016

    Cintia Dos Santos

    I used the first time today. It looks nice, but, I can not clean it!

    I am trying now, but… what? How can “I get wax off of the rim of the pot?” – as the comment above.

    I´d like say: “Veet, please: The product is good, but, now I have a problem with my pot. Not clean! :( “

  • Reply December 17, 2016


    How do you get rid of the little remain of wax on your skin?? Any tip? I tried oil but still ,there was some left. Not great.

    • Reply January 19, 2017


      I had some wipes from Veet strip wax left over and I used them. Plus a little more of just normal body oil. It took a little bit of rubbing but all came off eventually.

  • Reply January 25, 2017


    leave it longer than what the company says. it’ll make the strings show up less and you will be able to use it better. as for the spatula, keep it in a cold place and you can easily peel it off. just make sure there is at least a 3mm amount of wax on the spatula and peel it off while it’s still cold you don’t even need oil

  • Reply April 23, 2017

    Concerned Reader

    Please check your spelling and typing better!

    • Reply April 28, 2017


      Thanks for your feedback. I try my best, but as a dyslexic, I miss a few errors. I hope this didn’t affect your experience too much, and you still managed to get some information out of this post.

      Ewa x

  • Reply June 23, 2017

    Akanksha Singh

    Hello everyone
    I used veet spa wax. It’s good but I found this little messy and to clean the pot is impossible even though I tried everyone tips but still can’t clean my wax pot.

  • Reply April 16, 2018

    Wendy Dibble

    I haven’t used veet strippers wax yet but true other brands and I found boiling water melts the wax enough to remove it. My next step once I’ve used my new veet spawax to clean the outer is my steamer with it being compressed heater water.

    • Reply April 29, 2018


      Hi Wendy,

      Thaks for the comment. I stop using the pot wax but perhaps this will help someone else.
      Ladies, if you try this method, let me know how you find it.

      Thanks again, Wendy.

      Ewa xx

  • Reply August 22, 2018

    Miss mably

    Thanx for the tips. Still going to give it a go.
    Just an idea though maybe a hair dryer and wipe to remove excess was on the stick and walmer. Not after every use because that might become quite tedious but when you want to do a deep clean.

  • Reply March 27, 2019


    Can i use veet pot with other hard wax supply? Like those waxing beads.

    • Reply April 7, 2019


      Hi Naree,
      I never tried. I’d contact Veet and ask because it could be the case that the wax has a specific formula which melts better in the post etc. Let us know what you find out.

      • Reply June 6, 2020


        I bought this product about 3 years ago and I found it effective only on my armpits, but the temperature of the room must not be too hot as the wax will not harden. When I first tried it, it simply did not work on my legs and I gave up. Today I decided to try to use it again on my legs. I am reallyy satisfied! Turns out my technique was not correct, so after watching a few videos about it my legs are totally smooth after using it. It is true that you use insane amount of wax each time and it is too expensive. That is why I decided to try those wax beads that are much cheaper (not from Veet brand) and I hope it will work. As for the cleaning, because I left the wax in the pot for 3years it kind of baked onto the pot and I managed to make it about 90%clean – first I wiped the wax ou while the pot was hot, then I turned it off and rubbed it with oil, then I tried alcohol but the stubborn baked wax stil didnt come off, so I tried nail polish remover without acetone. It finally worked! Not 100%,but still amazing. I hope this helps somebody.

        • Reply June 7, 2020


          Hi Lana,
          OMG, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. I’m sure it will be useful. I would have never thought of using the nail polish remover. Thanks for the tip. Let us all know later how those ‘not Veet’ wax beads will work for you.

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