Clarisonic replacement Brush Head – The ultimate guide.

Clarisonic Replacement Brush

Which brush is right for you and how to choose it?

There is a great variety of replacement brush heads available for your Clarisonic device. This guide will talk you through the differences, so next time you need a brush you’ll know which one to choose

The Classic range:


Clarisonic Replacement Brush - Classic Range In this range, you’ll find five different face brushes and one body brush. Let’s start with the brush your device comes with.

  1. The Sensitive Brush Head. It’s best for normal to combination skin. Recommended for ladies. If you’re a man then choose the normal brush head instead to achieve the same result. I’ll explain it further when talking about Normal brush head.
  2. The Delicate Brush Head. Choose it for very sensitive skin or if you’re finding Clarisonic cleanse too powerful for your delicate skin. You’d better off with this brush if your skin reacts easy to any products and have some redness or broken capillaries. The bristles are longer so it feels softer on the skin.
  3. The Normal Brush Head. This brush is recommended for a man as your main cleansing brush, as its short bristles will allow for a vigorous cleanse, great for preparing the skin before shaving. For men with skin sensitivity, try stepping down to a Sensitive Brush Head. Just to recap, if you’re a lady with a normal skin type choose the sensitive brush, which is designed for most skin types for ladies.
  4. The Deep Pore Brush. It was designed for those who suffer from blackheads. It’s a vigorous cleanse and its bristles flex in both directions. This is a very powerful cleanse and therefore Clarisonic recommends using it only a couple of times a week, rather than every day. Choose it only if you genuinely suffer from deeply blocked pores and blackheads.
  5. The Radiance Brush Head. This is a new brush head which launched only about a month ago. This brush has 50% more bristles, which are also longer and tempered to give you a more gentle cleanse. This brush head is recommended to be used with the Clarins radiance range, which is designed to fight skin pigmentation.

The power of the cleanse is the same no matter which brush head you decide to choose. The difference is how it feels on the skin.

The Body Brush – This comes with your device if you have Clarisonic Plus. You can use it for exfoliating as long as the exfoliator you use is of a similar texture to the one from Clarisonic.

If you’re starting to use Clarisonic and you’re finding it too powerful, try either switching to a softer, more gentle brush head or changing your cleanser to one that is more delicate.

The Luxury Range

clarisonic replacement brush - Luxury Range
This range was designed to give you the same powerful cleanse but with a different experience on the skin. It’s soft, and smooth and it also gives your skin a micro-massage.  The bristles of the lux range are super long and tempered to achieve that lush experience while washing your face. I used to think that this range isn’t as powerful at cleansing, but I was wrong. Clinical studies have shown that the actual cleanse is as equally powerful as the classic range, it’s the way it feels on the skin that is different.

  1. The Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head. Use it for a gentle and relaxing cleanse all over your face. It’ll be perfect for your sensitive skin or if you have rosacea. This brush gives you an incredibly delicate cleanse that is equally powerful to the one with the classic collection. Clarisonic clinical studies has shown that skins hydration increases by 9% (15 minutes after the cleanse) after cleansing with this brush.
  2. The Satin Precision Brush Head. This brush is smaller as it was designed to clean around the eye area. A smaller size allows you to be more precise. The long soft bristles won’t be causing sensitivity to your delicate eye area. You may want to use this brush if you’re concerned with fine lines or wrinkles because cleaning with Clarisonic improves product absorption, meaning our skincare products show results faster.
  3. Velvet Foam Body Brush Head. This is another body brush and just like the other two for the face, it was designed to give your skin a little love. A sensual and delicate cleanse.

Replace your brush heads after three months to avoid product or limescale build up on the bristles. You won’t be able to see that grime building up on the bristles with the naked eye, but it will compromise on the flexibility of the bristles. Because of that your cleanse simply won’t be as effective. It’s worth knowing that all the brush bristles are made of a material that is easy to clean and dry and doesn’t harbour bacteria.

I use shower gel or baby shampoo to clean my brush heads and it appears to do a great job. My personal go-to brush heads are the Cashmere Brush for a morning cleanse or the Sensitive Brush head for an evening cleanse.

EDITED 10.03.2022

Sadly, Clarisonic shut the business and the cleansing devices or brushes are not longer available to buy. However, there is a light in the tunnel because the competitor company FOREO offers a range of cleansing devices – like mine LUNA 3 – and other beauty gadgets. Plus, is giving all the Clarisonic users a $35 discount to the you started with your new cleansing device. To claim your discount use this link and you can rad more about FOREO cleansing experience here. 

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