Sonya Serum Review

Sonya Serum by Forever

This is an aloe based nourishing serum. Aloe vera is great soothing ingredient so it can work great for even sensitive skin. Sonya Serum is designed to nourish your skin and can be used on any dry areas, not just on your face. If you’re going to use it only on your face I’d recommend it only for very dry skin types. Glycerin is another key ingredient in this product, which gives it a super smooth feel upon application. Your skin will feel like it’s been polished.

Who is Sonya Serum best for?

I truly believe it’s best for those with very dry skin. My opinion is based on my personal experience and by studying the ingredients list. The texture of the serum is quite creamy and it feels a little like a light lotion, but it won’t be enough to hydrate your skin, so remember to follow with a moisturiser afterwards. The creamy texture in my opinion will feel more comfortable on a dry skin type. If you have dry skin, which can feel a little rough at times, Sonya Serum will do a great job in smoothing it out. You can even use it at the ends of your hair, so look this way if you suffer with hair frizz.

My Experience:

I have combination skin so personally I found Sonya serum a little rich for my liking. I usually go for a serum which has a watery and quite runny texture because I like to follow with richer moisturisers. However, I had a patch of dry skin on my upper arm, which just wouldn’t go away. I’ve been using Sonya Serum on this area for a couple of weeks and it’s now nearly gone, so it certainly has it’s space in the market.

Where does it come from?

When Sonya Serum landed on my desk I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but the little logo on the bottle looked somehow familiar. It was a week later I finally realised that Forever Living Products is a massive US company selling also dietary supplements including my favourite mineral tablets. Of course it has it’s distributors in the UK, that’s how this product landed on my desk in the first place. You can only buy it online at the moment. Simply follow this link.

What else…

I was also sent a few little sachet samples of some of their other body care products. I loved the aloe-jojoba shampoo and conditioner. I think theses were my most favourite products from those I had a chance to try.

Have you ever used any Forever skincare products and if so what was your experience?

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