Burberry lip & cheek bloom review.

Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom Review.

Burberry has just launched a new product. Lip & Cheek Bloom, a little multitasking pot to enhance your cheeks and lips.

You’ll love it or hate it! 

Burberry as a brand loves an English rose kind a look. Bare skin. Glowing complexion. Soft eyes. Glowing skin is right at the core of the Burberry makeup image.The new Lip & Cheek Bloom fits perfectly with this look. Giving you perky cheeks for a fresh face look. As nice as it is it’s not for everybody though.

Blooming gorgeous blush for perfect skin types!  

Yep, if you’re lucky to have smooth and healthy skin you’re going to like it. Those blushes look fab on all skins, including deep skin tones too, because they’re very pigmented, despite having light and somewhat translucent texture.

It looks best applied on top of a tinted moisturiser. This being the first reason why I think you need good skin to use Lip & Cheek Bloom. I tried it on top of a sheer to medium coverage foundation and liked it as well but the application wasn’t as easy as it is on top of a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser!

Social Beautify/ Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom

Are you suffering with redness? If so you’d be probably better off giving this one a miss. Lip & Cheek bloom was created to enhance that rose glow in your cheeks, but if you’re already naturally flushed, you’d probably be better off with blushers which don’t have that much pink and red pigment.

If I was a mum!

If I had a teenage daughter who was starting to play with makeup, I’d buy her Burberry Bloom. It’s perfect for young skin to enhance pretty cheeks. It’s easy and quick to use. It’s cute. It’s ok to pop it on bare skin too and it’ll last just as well as on top a tinted moisturiser.

Dear Burberry L is for Lipstick

Yep, and B is for blush and let’s keep it this way! Yes, you can use this product on lips and cheeks but let’s not cheat ourselves. It’s more of a blush than a lip product. You must use a lip balm before you put Lip and Cheek Bloom on your lips, or you’ll rock dry and flaky looking lips with product clinging to the dryer areas of your lips. Frankly, your lips would look better bare. And since there are wonderful lip cover lipsticks in Burberry’s range we’d rather use them.

I’ve filmed a short video review of Lip and Cheek Bloom. Have a look and see Burberry Lip and Cheek Bloom in action.

To sum it up. It’s a great summer blush. I totally see it as a blush not as a multitasking product as I haven’t enjoyed using it on my lips that much. So If you would like to create a fresh face look or have something that will perk your complexion quickly and easily, give it a go.

Have you tried this product or anything else from Burberry? What are your thoughts on Burberry Beauty products?


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    Beautiful! What shade is this? :)

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      Hi Jen,

      Tanks for commenting.
      It’s PEONY no 05. Hope this helps.

      Ewa x

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