SodaStream & Dermalogica to Hydrate the nation Inside and Out.

Dermalogica and SodaStream are joining forces in attempt to hydrate the nation. On average brits drink less water than the recommended daily amount, and this causes dehydration, which can effect your overall health and wellbeing and subsequently your skin. SodaStream and Dermalogica have teamed up to stop this growing epidemic of skin and body dehydration. They have created SparklingSkin, a Limited Edition Kit promising to revitalise Brits from the inside out.

Hello Hydration! What the heck is SparklingSkin?

SodaStream Source is a leading brand of sparkling water makers. Their machines are stylish and easy to use. They make your water more exciting so you end up drinking more. By making your own soda at home, your looking after the environment too.
For a limited time only when you purchase one of these soda making machines from  (£89.99) you’ll also receive a set of Dermalogica’s kit which contains four skincare products designed to support hydration and fight skin dehydration. The value of Dermalogica products is around £20. It’s a great way to try a few great skincare products if you haven’t before.

Limited Edition Sparkling Skin Kit content:

SodaStream & Dermalogica Official

  • The Soda Stream Source, the flagship sparkling water maker which produces 60 litres of sparkling water
  • Dermalogica’s kit consists of:
  1. Multi Active Tonner (4ml)
  2. Skin Hydrating Booster (3ml)
  3. Intensive Eye Repair (4ml)
  4. Skin Hydrating Masque (foil sample)

My hydration challenge – in the name of a good nights sleep. 


I’m terrible for drinking water. I don’t even know how it’s possible I survive all day on my morning coffee and tea at lunch. I just cant drink a lot especially if I’m having food at the same time. There’s not enough space in my stomach. My sister is the opposite. If we both sit by the table with a drink, before I lift my glass it’s empty already. My sister manages to gulp down both before I’ve had time to blink!! I know it’s not very good because when I drink loads in the evening I end up doing 5 trips to the toiled at night. Usually in this instance I wake up tired! The solution most of the time – I just don’t drink!! Not so good right?!

When I told Mr.D that the SodaStream source has arrived home he got me a couple of little bottles so I can take my carbonated water with me when I’m on the go.

What if you don’t like the bubbles? – Made to fit all!


Not a fan of sparkling water?! Is it too fizzy most of the time.  Well, you’ll love this! The beauty of the SodaStream is that the machine has three different settings. You can choose how strongly carbonated water you like! Hurrah! This is genius! You’ll love this feature and since you can carbonate your water just as much as you like it, you’ll be drinking way more than ever. I was! Nowadays, I’m taking my small bottle of water with me wherever I go. Usually adding some lemon or line to jazz things up. Since I started drinking more throughout the day, there was no need for me to top up my water levels all at once by the end of the day. The result, I started getting a better nights sleep!

Dermalogica four step system to SparklingSkin.


I’m pretty obsessed with keeping my skin in tip top condition. Beauty is my passion and my job so looking after my skin with an array of beauty products comes to me easily. I know it’s not the same for everyone. Would you know how to recognise if your skin is dehydrated? Most people don’t, so don’t worry I explained that in a recent post so click here to make sure you do. This will help you to choose the right products to look after your skin in case your skin is dehydrated and to prevent it in the future if it’s not.

Your skincare kit.

Dermalogica has some fabulous products to keep your skin perfectly hydrated. I’ve been using the same four products that come in the SparklingSkin set for the last couple of months to keep my skin in tip top condition.

Multi Active Toner:

Surprisingly I started liking the Multi Active Toner. I don’t exactly believe in the power of tones. I just don’t know if they make such a big difference, but at the same time I have noticed my skincare absorbs nicer into my skin when I use it. Since I made my mum use one, her rosacea has been much calmer too.

Skin Boosters:

I love Skin Hydrating Booster! I spoke about it years back, when I first started blogging. I loved it then and I love it now.

Eye Care:

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate. The skin there is roughly 5 to 10 times thiner than it is elsewhere on the face. Such a delicate and thin skin, will dehydrate faster and so it’ll shows signs of ageing sooner, this is why it’s so important to always use an eye cream. They are formulated to care for this delicate skin. Currently I’m using the Intensive Eye Repair, which has a sorbet like texture. Lightweight, which plumps the skin instantly

Hydration Mask:

Finally, the mask. It’s an important add on to my weekly skincare routine and should be included in yours too. You see, perfectly hydrated skin will function better. Because when your skin cells are 100% hydrated they work harder, your skin will be in better condition. Busy life, air conditioning, pollution, all of it can affect our skin health. Help it out by using hydration mask, which will give your skin the support it needs. Your skin will be balanced. If you suffer with some minor skin concerns like sensitivity or redness you may even notice those will improve.

More than half of you is water!

Remember, we’re made on average of 65% water, hydration is a key to healthy body and skin! In the name on SparklingSkin, hydrate yourself.

I’d love you to take on a challenge and try to hydrate your skin for a month from the inside and outside. Make sure you drink between 500ml to a litre of water more than you’d drink on an average day. Do it for a period of 2 to 4 weeks! Use a hydration mask once or twice a week. Try using toner, eye cream and if possible hydration booster everyday. Than tell us all what a difference it all made to your wellbeing and skin condition. Do you feel better? Is your skin more plumped and glowing? Let us know!

The Limited edition SparklingSkin Kit will be available to purchase exclusively on from late June 2015.

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