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Look this way if you don’t want your skin to go down south. This mask will intensely moisturise your skin and help to lift and shape the oval of your face. Fresh say it has a  ‘corset- like’ effect on the skin.

I was excited to try this new addition to the already successful Fresh Beauty range, but somehow resistant at the same time. I’ve never tried an overnight mask so even though I understood it was formulated to be left on the skin overnight, I was worried I’d wake up with congested pores and pimples. Wouldn’t you be? To prove me wrong, Fresh sent me home with my very own overnight mask to test! Before I tell you more about the mask let’s look at who it is best for.

Who is Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask best for?

Everyone will benefit from this product because it hydrates the skin and is rich in anti oxidants. If you’re concerned with ageing or firming, this mask will address just those concerns. Perfect for anyone with a dull complexion as the black tea ferment helps to soften, smooth and improve radiance.


Can you really keep a mask on overnight and have perfect skin in the morning?

We already know Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask was designed to be worn overnight. The name says it all! It works with the skin’s natural nighttime recovery process to achieve a lifted, firmer look by the morning. It’s infused with Belle de Nuit Extract. This is a unique flower, which blooms overnight. It has exceptional regeneration properties.

These are all promises but what’s the reality?

Fab! I appreciate products, which help to firm and lift my skin because for long time I was only able to use light moisturising products. I was battling a serious skin congestion problem. Now that my skin behaves, I can use product’s that hopefully will allow me to age nicer. This mask being one of them.

Better skin overnight.

Wouldn’t you like to have better skin literally overnight? Can it be done? Black Tea Overnight Mask does just that. It helps to brighten skin as well as lift it. I Instagramed this image of my skin after just one use.

Bare face just after using fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask.

A beautifully fresh complexion. Skin looking plumped and smooth. This is what I noticed most. My skin isn’t that saggy yet, thank goodness, so I can’t really tell If it’ll work it’s magic on someone a decade or two older. If you know, share your findings with us, we all would appreciate that. So far, waking up with plumped and radiant skin is good enough for me, it takes a couple of years off from my perceived age.

Very swiftly it became my go to skincare routine. Now I use it at least twice a week. Most of the time I try to alternate it with my night moisturiser.

The sticky pillow factor!

If you hate that sticky feeling fear not!!!

You’d love the way it feels on the skin. You only need a tiny amount to blend all over your face. For the first couple of minutes you’ll notice the mask on your skin, a little like a rich moisturiser. However by the time you go to sleep it will have sunk in. No, you won’t get stuck to your pillow.

I’m glad I tried this mask because I get to have many facials and this is a very convenient way to give my skin some extra care at home.

Just to recap:

What’s in Black Tea Overnight mask?

A proprietary complex of black tea extract, black tea extract, blackberry leaf extract, and lychee seed extract 

Belle de Nuit Extract – a unique ingredient to support skin regeneration.

Peptides – will help to boost collagen production

Hyaluronic acid – highly hydrating ingredient.

This is a premium beauty mask which costs around £70 ($92 on spear website). However after using it now for 2 months I know it’s good investment. It’ll last you absolutely donkeys years. It comes in a large jar and seeing how little I’ve used up, I guess it’ll last me for a year of a regular use!

You can buy Fresh Beauty Black Tea Overnight Mask on Fresh’s website here ,the boutique on Marylebone Street or Harrods.

Have you tried an overnight mask yet? Tell us what your experience was with it?

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