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If you want baby soft skin than you’re in the right place. Charlotte has launched yet another of her back stage beauty magic tricks. The Goddess Skin Clay Mask. This mask is like no other because it not only claims to give you baby skin, lift, smooth, brighten and tighten your skin but it delivers all of it too!!

The ancient Mediterranean recipe

Unlike other clay masks I have tied, Goddess Skin Clay Mask doesn’t dry to a hard, scaly texture. It stays soft and creamy until you wipe it off. That’s thanks to sweet almond oil, which is one of the key ingredients. It happens to be one of natures perfect hydrators too, making this mask suitable even for dry and sensitive skin.

As it’s a clay mask by nature it’s going to purify your skin. Clay Goddess Mask is using Ibizan clay. Spanish clay is known to be extremely purifying and rejuvenating for the skin, plus it helps to refine pores too. Thanks Charlotte! I think we’d all like our pores to be a size or two smaller. Thanks to its rejuvenating powers once you clear your mask off your skin it’s going to be radiant and bright. Pores! What pores! Hell this mask works wonders on getting those enlarged pores back into good shape!!

Finally plant extracts added to the formula make this mask smell absolutely divine. It reminds me of jasmine. They help to sooth and calm the skin reducing redness. The effect is mind blowing ! Any redness from your skin will be gone for hours and hours.

Goddess Skin Clay Mask – Perfect Makeup Prep

Charlotte found this ancient recipe searching for a clay mask, which would be good to prepare any skin type, young or old before creating the red carpet look. It’s a powerful mask that you can use as part of your skincare routine once or twice a week and any time you want to creating makeup perfection. When Charlotte creates a red carpet look she always follows skin preparation with her Magic Cream and Wonder Glow.

I was dying to get my hand on the Clay Goddess Mask after I worked on a small promo side for Charlotte Tilbury’s skin trilogy. My job was to demonstrate her skin trilogy to build awareness for both brand and products. For logistics reasons I was doing it on the back of the hands and OMG! Every single time I wiped this mask off someone’s hand the difference was so astonishing I just wanted to put it on my face right there.

No makeup day!

When I used it for the first time I couldn’t bare putting makeup on my skin afterwards! I wanted a whole world to see my redness free, super radiant and fresh complexion! Charlotte uses this mask to prepare skin every single time she’s doing red carpet look because it makes skin look so good, it doesn’t need much covering and concealing. Charlottes iconic complexion is smooth and radiant with that very recognisable ‘Charlotte’s Glow’. I’m in love with her makeup range and often recreate her looks. This time I loved my skin so much, I didn’t want to cover it up!

All my friends who tried Goddess Skin Clay Mask by Charlotte Tilbury loved it. They loved how their skin felt and looked. One of my favourited beauty bloggers Ruth from A model recommends reviewed it only a couple of weeks ago. She loved it too, saying “ it was like the ultimate red carpet fix.”

Ruth Crilly – A Model Recommends

Pores were less visible, my skin was brighter – it was like the ultimate red carpet fix. No irritation, no “tingling”, just really sorted skin.

Sure, there’s plenty of great clay masks out there, like Omorovicza Deep Cleansing mask, which I also like. But not many work wonders and don’t dry your skin out at the same time, even a tiny little bit. I’m very excited about introducing this mask to my routine because even though it’s extremely powerful it’s also kind to the skin. I can use it regularly every single week, without overdoing it on my skin.

The mask comes in a handy 75ml tube and costs £45. You can pick it up on Charlotte Tilbury counters or online here. 

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