How to care for blonde hair on a budget achieving salon like results.


I’m so sorry I haven’t told you about this earlier!

I just wasn’t aware there’s such a hero of a product for all blonde hair; natural or coloured! I know some of you are well aware how amazing the PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver range is. However, there are new products in the range to fully help you care for the colour of your blonde locks as well as hair condition!

How to care for blonde hair on a budget?

This drugstore range for salon like results will revive your blonde hair. The best part is the price! Those 3 products will cost you £ 11.18


Use the 3 step cleansing system for maximum results:

  • Start with Pre Toning Primer. It’ll help to prep your hair to better accept the Brightening shampoo. Giving you more even results all over your hair. This actually could be used as well as a leave in conditioner. It’s £5.00 and you can find it in your drugstore.
  • Use the Brightening Shampoo – this was launched thirty seven years ago initially for silver hair it remains the hero of the range. It works wonders for blonde and platinum blonde too as it’s based on the principle of colour theory, with purple neutralising out any yellow and orange discolouration, which enhances your natural, dyed and highlighted hair. For the best results you should leave it in for 5 minutes and you only use it twice a week. Alternate it with Colour Care shampoo. It costs £3.09 for 150ml or £3.99 for 200ml. Many of you were praising this product as soon as I posted it on Instagram.
  • Follow with the conditioner. To nourish your hair and keep it shiny. Prices are just like the shampoo £3.09 and £3.99 depending on the size.

Add shine!

Have a shot! New in the range is the Intensive Shine Treatment Shot which makes it easy to have shiny healthy hair. Simply use it instead of your conditioner. It will add shine but also deeply nourish your hair. I loved how it made my locks feel smooth and easy to style. There’re 3 shots in the pack and you can pick it up for £6.


Keratin Shots for salon like conditioning.

Good doesn’t stop on the Shine Shot. Now you can also give you hair a salon like keratin treatment at home, also for a fraction of the price you’d pay in the salon! Along with the Shine Shots PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver range has now on offer an Intensive Keratin Treatment Shot. This one you have to leave on your hair for a few more minutes. When I found out that I can get 3 shoots for £6 it made my chin drop. This is such an expensive treatment in the salon. Those shots are seriously powerful. Your hair will feel soft and smooth.

The road Test!

After trying it for myself – just to have a feel for the product. I wouldn’t be able to judge its brightening power as my hair is dark blonde, which is my natural colour. To test it well, for the purpose of this review, I asked my blonde haired neighbour and a friend to be my Guinea Pig. She’s got natural blonde hair. Have a look at the results just after the first use!

She loved the smell of the product. Her hair had that salon like smell and felt soft to touch. Styling was easy too! When it comes to colour, well.. You can see at the image above. Thumbs up from me!
There are three styling products now in the range, to care for your colour also when you’re styling your hair. The PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver range now also offers a hair spray and dry shampoo and a shine spray for just £2.54 each! I haven’t have a chance to try those yet but let us know if you did.

If you’re already familiar with this range, what are your results?


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