Do you know how to recognise dehydrated skin?

Hydrating face spray

Dry and dehydrated skin are often mistaken with each other, but are actually two separate things. Here are 3 steps, which will allow you to make a better judgement and teach you how to recognise dehydrated skin.

1. Most important step to recognise if your skin is dehydrated.

Press your finger gently, horizontally to your face and slightly push your skin up. This will cause your skin to crease a bit causing plenty very tiny, really dinky horizontal lines. Those lines mean you skin is dehydrated! Dehydration is skin condition not a skin type, but is often mistaken by dry skin. If you don’t see those tiny lines you don’t have dehydrated skin. However if your skin feels dry you might have dry skin, which is a skin type.

2. The feel test.

Take a moment to asses how your skin feels. Dehydrated skin may feel ‘paper like’ on its surface. You’ll feel your moisturiser sitting on top rather than absorb easily and as the day goes on you can ‘feel your skin’. It feels tight.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

Take a look in the mirror to asses further. Sometimes you can notice some sensitivity. Dehydrated skin is less immune. Skin becomes a bit red or reacts to products. If you have oily or combination skin type you’ll notice it’s producing more sebum (oil) than usually, but it still feels dry and tight. That’s because your skin is loosing water. That excess oil appears because your skin is lubricating itself. Oil creates protective layer preventing water from evaporating. This alone won’t help to completely replenish lost water in your skin, especially if you work in air-conditioning environment or spend a lot of time outdoors.

3 Simple Steps to combat dehydrated skin:


  • Moisturise no matter what’s your skin type.
  • Use hydrating serum. I love La Roche Posey it’s inexpensive and very effective.
  • Try applying hydrating face mask every other day until you’ll notice significant improvement. Than continue once or twice a week. I’d invest in good mask, otherwise you probably won’t notice much of a difference. My current favourite is Clarins Hydra Quench Mask. 

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