Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body Review


Clarins listened to all of us and launched the body version of their amazing Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster, that we all loved so much.

This is totally new and unique approach to self tan. Clarins refers to those two products ‘as made to measure tan’ because it’s designed to work with your routine and the intensity of than you like.

How it works!

It’s concentrated self tan packed in a small and slick dropper bottle. Simply mix your regular body moisturiser with 4 to 6 drops of Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster For Body. The more you add the more intense the result you’ll achieve. I’d compere its finish to a gradual tan. You have convenience though of young your regular body care and maintaining your tan by simply adding a couple of drops of it to your body care daily.

The results!

Simply outstanding. Finish is always natural and even, no matter how quickly I’m blending the product. Clarins developed and patented odourless formula for those two products (Radiance -Plus Golden Glow for the face and for body), but I find that if you apply a high concentration you may notice and I repeat you ‘may’ notice extremely delicate self tan small. It never bothers me. It also won’t make your bed sheets smell of self tan.

The Colour!

Perfect! It looks just like my natural tan. I usually use it for a day of two adding 6 drops to each portion of my body lotion and afterwards I’d use maybe a couple of drops for another 2 days. Afterwards my skin has that golden healthy glow but it won’t look like I used actual self tan. This is exactly how I like my self tan to be. If you like being super dark than perhaps this won’t be enough, but to be honest I never tried going extra dark with it.


Clarins recommends to prep your skin by exfoliating first, to avid tan griping to dryer areas of the skin. However if you have relatively good routine and you use body scrub more or less regularly you should be fine even if you skip this step. I often use it without exfoliating my skin first and never had problems because of it. However, I do exfoliate my body once or twice a week anyway. It’s also convenient because you can mix it with different textures products like cream, gel or serum. Add between 4-6 drops to each dose of cream and simply blend. You can continue daily by adding 3 drops to intensify your tan but I never went crazy with it to see how dark it’ll go. Simply wash your hands afterwards and job done. Also you won’t need to scrub your hand viciously to avoid marks. I just give my hands a normal wash with the gel soap and my hands never turned orange.

Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body comes in a very similar packaging to the face version, it’s just a bit bigger. A 30ml bottle for£26. 

You can find it online here or on counters nationwide.

If you tried achieving very deep dark tan with Radiance Plus Golden Glow for Body what were your results?

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