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Last month I was given a few travel-size samples of the Japanese-French luxury skincare brand  EviDenS. EviDenS skincare is well known in Asia, with a majority of their stores in Japan. It combines Japanese excellence and French elegance. In the UK, it’s far more exclusive. Available only at Harrods, it makes EviDenS a niche brand. I was excited to try it. I had in my hands travel samples of a good size, which would give me a good indication on the range. EviDenS skincare uses Triple Collagen (patented) technology. Three different sizes of collagen are supposed to provide exceptional effectiveness, as each is targeting a different skin layer. Am I going to see ‘evidence’ of their performance or will they turn out to be just glorified pots of potion, because the rich and famous use them?

Cherry on the Cake

I wanted EviDenS to fail to impress me! You see, I didn’t want to feel like I saw the cherry on the cake and was allowed to lick it, but not eat it. Unless I was preparing my skin pre-wedding, I wouldn’t spend £205 on a moisturiser, simply because I can’t afford it. It’s way out of my budget. If you can, then by all means you’d love it! Some products are more expensive, others are more affordable, but let’s not cheat ourselves. It’s a high-end luxury brand! It won’t be cheap.

Rubbish Witch!

From the first use I liked all the textures! Repeating to myself, ‘please don’t work’ obviously didn’t work. I’m not witch material, I’m afraid. Every single product I’ve tried had a smooth, divine texture that my skin absorbed like a dream. My complexion felt extremely smooth too. It was a pleasure to apply makeup on top and I loved the smell.

The Serum and Eye Recovery Serum

These samples were the smallest. Big enough to tease me, not big enough to judge their long-term performance. The serum in particular was very light, and I love a gel-like serum if it doesn’t make my face sticky. The eye serum/cream lasted me a couple of weeks, as I only needed a tiny little dot. Again, its texture was lovely and creamy and made my eye area feel hydrated and smooth. I liked the eye serum a lot, and if I could, I would buy a full-size without hesitation.

The Serum – £270

The Eye Recovery Serum – £185

The Day Moisturiser

Its texture was very lightweight, nearly like a lotion. I was convinced it wouldn’t be enough to nourish my normal skin. I felt it would be better for an oily skin type. I was wrong. It glided on and absorbed nearly instantly, leaving my skin with a substantial layer of hydration and protection. My skin felt smooth. EviDenS The Day Moisturiser doesn’t have any SPF protection, so I was using Clarins UV Shield on top. I still have a little bit of this cream left and I’m dreading the moment it runs out. At £205 a pot, I won’t replace it any time soon. This range is infused with Triple Collagen, so it’s perfect for anyone in their 30s or 40s.

The Special Mask

It feels like you’re applying a moisturiser, as it has creamlike texture. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off to reveal radiant and plumped skin. It’s powerful and gives instant results. My skin looked rejuvenated after the first use. Priced at £155 a jar, this is way too much for a mask in my world, so I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to test Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask on my face to compare these two. After testing Charlotte’s mask on the back of my hand, the results were superb and lasted over 24 hours. The C.T. mask is only £45, so watch this space and I’ll report back.

The Night Recovery Solution

This was my second-ever overnight mask. I put a lot of trust in it, as I took it with me when I was travelling. I always take my Clarins HydraQuench Mask to save my skin after a flight, but I was travelling light, so I decided this one must do! I was thrilled with the look of my skin the next morning. No signs of travel tiredness, just glowing, plumped, and completely clear skin. It feels a little sticky right after application, but if you wait a little while, it’ll turn into something that feels like a rich moisturiser. If you apply too much product, it can feel a little sticky when you put your face on the pillow though, so remember less is more with it. Results on the skin are lovely though. Priced at £95 for a jar, it’s something that I could put on my wish list.

EviDenS is definitely a hi-tech range of beauty products. If you’re a skincare connoisseur and your budget lets you spoil your skin, by all means, try it and I’m sure you’ll love it. After testing those travel samples, I’d love to try at least one full-size product to see what results I can achieve with it over time.

At the moment in the UK, you can only buy EviDenS at Harrods. For all other places, I suggest you try EviDenS website. 

Which EviDenS products have you tried and what did you like or not like about them? What is a reasonable price for a luxury skincare product and when is it just too much and ridiculous?

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    I hear you on the price. I have been coveting the Erno Laszlo Phormula 3-9 Healing Balm ever since I tried it at a department store and it took away every hint of redness, but at $255 a jar, I have never been able to bring myself to actually purchase it.

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