Getting to know Fresh Beauty!

Fresh Beauty started in Boston in 1991. I was eleven and favoured trips to a sweet shop rather than browsing shelves of the beauty apothecary. Many year later at Marylebone Street in London, our paths has crossed. I was invited to a Fresh Beauty press event where I had a bit of a ‘kid in a sweet shop moment’!

Oval Soaps launched in 1993.

Could you imagine life without a sugar body scrub? Neither could I, but I never knew it was Fresh Beauty, who in 1998, introduced sugar scrub to the beauty market with a launch of their Brown Sugar Body Polish.

I discovered a bath soak that could probably get you drunk! Just kidding. It’s not for drinking, although it’s made of 53 percent real sake! It works as an antiseptic and helps to increase microcirculation, perfect to relax muscles after a heavy workout or when a cold is trying to get hold of you. This soak is high up on my wish list. Imagine how nice it would be to dip into a hot bath filled with Sake Bath on a cold winter night! Or summer if it goes the way it has been over last few days here in London.

Then, I had a bit of a history lesson when discovering Crème Ancienne. A pillar of Fresh Beauty, and as they say, the richest and most luxurious cream on the global market. It’s handmade by monks in a small monastery in the Czech Republic. Its recipe is based directly on the world’s first emollient cream. This is a seriously rich cream for utterly dry skin. You’ll only need the tiniest little dot and it’ll blend like butter.

I’m pretty sure I was hyperventilating at this point. I always get ridiculously excited when I’m talking beauty and discovering and learning new stuff. #looser #geek

Kids let loose in a sweet shop!

“Which fragrance do you like?” someone said!

I don’t think I even responded. Rude!

There were so many, I couldn’t get my head or nose around them quickly enough! Yes, Fresh Beauty makes fragrances too! I decided to be adventurous and go for Cannabis Santal. I later learned this scent had its debut in 2006 and won the Allure award! Someone’s got good taste ;)

It wouldn’t be a grownup girl’s ‘sweets shopping’ experience without some lip treatment right? I went to explore Sugar Lip treatments. Lip balms made to protect and nourish. They all have SPF15 and come in loads of pretty shades. This is the number one selling product for Fresh Beauty! My favourite is Sugar Berry, because I like the deep plum tint it gives to my lips.

Who let the dog out!? 

After making everyone answer a ton of my questions, they all had to deal with my excitement for quite some time. Add to the mix some macaroons and some ‘water’ and I was, well exuberant at least. I was sent home with a massive bag of goodies including my first ever overnight mask, which is wonderful and will have a review of its own. The cult Soya face cleanser is one product that I must add to my list of most-loved cleansers to use with Clarisonic, plus a few more beauty products. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and don’t miss a post. You’ll hear me talking more about Fresh Beauty, I’m sure of it.

This amazing gift wrap is complementary with any purchase

Between me and you

If you’ve never heard of this brand, it’s probably because for years the boutique at Marylebone Street was the only place in the UK where you could buy Fresh Beauty. Watch this space though. It’s TOP SECRET news, but the brand is expanding in the UK. I can’t tell you where exactly, but you’ll be able to buy it online, and in the best, most unique, and most luxurious department store in the world. (Somewhere in Knightsbridge ). Just remember, shhhh, it’s a secret!

If you’re a Fresh Beauty skincare user, tell us what’s your favourite product and why?

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