7 Best Budget Makeup buys you must try!

Best Makeup Budget Buys

Let’s look at some amazing budget makeup products, which are so brilliant there’s no point in paying more for the real deal! You’ll notice primarily Bourjois and L’Oreal among best budget makeup buys products. Knowing that Bourjois is under the same umbrella as Chanel makeup, I’m not surprised I can find some good textures there. L’Oreal on the other hand is a ‘cheaper version of Lancome’ how I like to name it. L’Oreal owns many brands but you’ll notice Lancome and L’Oreal products have shocking similarities. Skincare wise personally I’d stick to premium brands as long as you can afford it, they add more active ingredients. When it comes to makeup I’d suggest you look for a duplicate whenever possible!

Best Budget Makeup Buys – a must try list:

1 Healthy balance powder! – Bourjois

Healthy Balance Powder

Fabulous texture; fine, lightweight but still perfectly sets makeup and is unnoticeable on the skin. Packaging is slick and slim, so it fits perfectly in the makeup bag. It comes with a big mirror too. I’d compare it’s quality to something between my favourite Hourglass powder and Charlotte Tilbury. Really this is an incredibly good powder! The only minus is poor variety of shades, but if you can, get it!

2  True Match Foundation – L’Oreal

True Match Foundation L'Oreal

True Match foundation is probably my latest drugstore favourite. I used it a few times on different complexions and it’s never disappointed me. It’s mattifying but not too dry looking. Gives a good and build-able coverage. I found it a bit tricky to find my shade, as testers are sometimes missing from the stand, but if you can get your shade right, you’d love it. This would be great for you if you’re a combination to oily skin type.

3 Blush – Bourjois

This is the ultimate Icon of a blush. This little cute pot of colour has been available on the makeup shelves for years. I remember my mum using it when I was a little girl. It’s dinky so it’s handy. It comes with it’s own mirror and a brush. The handy size makes it perfect if you carry all your makeup in your handbag or for traveling. The baked formula is shock resistant too, so it won’t crumble when it experiences some knocks in your makeup bag. You really cant go wrong with it.

4 Rouge Edition Velvet – Bourjois

Rouge Edition Velvet

These long lasting matt finish lip stains are just AS. Despite lasting all day on your lips they look pigmented and even. Your lips won’t look dry, flaky or patchy even after many hours. No bleeding either even without using the lip liner. I particularly love bold shades in this range. One of my favourites is 05 Ole Flamingo. Have you tried those yet?

5 KIKO long lasting stick eyeshadow.

KIKO long lasting stick eyeshadow

There are many drugstore brands which make good quality eyeshadows. L’Oreal, Bourjois, Rimmel and more. Today I’d like to talk about KIKO! KIKO is an Italian brand, which you could compare to MAC. Great products in relatively simplistic packaging. A makeup artist brand thanks to bold and brave colours. I have tried a few different types of eyeshadow textures from KIKO and I would say their sticks are just as good as by Terry, but for a fraction of the price. I like to take those with me when I’m traveling because the packaging makes it easy to pack. They’re shock resistant. Formulas are long lasting so you won’t need a base and finally you can blend them with just your fingers. What’s not to like??

6 Brow Artist Plumper – L’Oreal

Brow Artist Plumper

This is simply a quick and easy eyebrow enhancing tool. There are products out there, which will give you more control or precision with the application, but this is just a fuss free, quick and easy brow product. It’s perfect for the girls on the go. It’s tinted so it adds colour. Brow Artist has also very fine fibres which will add volume and body to your natural eyebrows. I just found it very handy to have. Colours are also very good both for blond eyebrows and those a little bit darker.

7 Super Liner Perfect Slim – L’Oreal

Super Liner Perfect Slim

I haven’t found a better and easier liner to use than this! The applicator tip is long and thin, but it’s firm enough to allow easy application. This liner is just identical to Lancomes Liner Plume. If you didn’t know which is which, you’d never guess. Super Liner from L’Oreal cost only £6.99 though, where the Lancome equivalent is priced at £22. I’ll take the duplicate, thanks!

There are other budget products I like too, but these I continuously repurchase, over and over again. You’ve asked me many times which budget products I’d recommend, but I know there are some fantastic budget products I haven’t used yet, so today I sharing those I can trust over and over again and I never fall out of love with.

You can see me using a couple of these products in this quick makeup video if you like. It’s only short.

Feel free to add to this list and share your most loved budget makeup products that you think we all should try! Pop your suggestions in the comments box below.

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