Clarisonic Plus Getting Started

It’s easy and quick to use your new Clarisonic Plus daily. But before you get started there are a few important things you need to know and do!


Make sure to fully charge your Clarisonic Plus before you use it for the first time. You should leave it on charge for 24 hours. Once your battery is charged you’ll have enough power to wash your face for about 30 times (if you use it once a day on a 1 minute cleanse setting). You can however place your Clarisonic on your charger anytime you like, without compromising your battery. You must ensure your device is placed in the charger, which is also a stand, with the brush head facing towards the stand to charge though. The video explains it further.

Power and timer.

Clarisonic Plus

Your new Clarisonic Plus timer is set for a minute cleanse. In the future you can change this to two minutes, but no sooner than after using your device for two weeks. Initially you should cleanse your face only for a minute. This allows you to get used to this powerful cleanse and figure out what products work for you best. Press the power button to turn it on. By pressing it again you’ll pause your device. In this mode two lights will be flashing for 30 seconds. This allows you to pick it up and start cleansing exactly where you left it, rather than starting from the beginning. You can’t turn your Clarisonic Plus off. It’ll turn itself off after a minute cleanse – or two minutes if you changed your timer. It’ll also turn itself off if you paused it and haven’t used it for longer than 30 seconds.

Brush heads

Your brand new Clarisonic Plus will come with two brush heads. Sensitive for the face and a bigger, firmer body cleansing brush. The arrow buttons on the handle are used to change between the settings however it’s important to know that you’ll only have face settings when the face brush head is attached to the device. You’ll find your body settings when you attach your body brush head. Your Plus can recognise what brush is in changing the settings automatically. There are 3 speeds for the face and two for the body.

If you’re visual and reading technical description isn’t for you (like me), watch the above video and all will become clear.
To get the most out of your new device I recommend watching this Ultimate Guide to Clarisonic. It’ll explain why you may need to change your cleanser skincare and how your new device is actually cleansing your skin. To figure out which cleanser is best check out this blog.

Don’t forget to share with us what your first impression when cleansing with Clarisonic was? What difference to your skin have you noticed?

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