Alexandre De Paris Classic Collection – The story of a hair clip

Alexandre De Paris

My love affair with Alexandre De Paris started when I lost the hair clip I “borrowed” from my 4 year old niece. Someone recommended that I should go over to Alexandre de Paris for a replacement, saying he makes fabulous hair clips.

First Shopping Experience

I tried a small clip, which really firmly sat in my hair. I was also introduced to their hair combs. I flinched as soon as the lovely consultant mentioned them as combs never used to stay in my hair and felt somehow granny like. She shoved it into my hair despite my protest just to give me an idea of how I could style my hair with it. Despite me shaking my head like a lunatic it sat firmly in my hair.

Social Beautify in Alexandre De Paris

Sceptical I walked away with just a hair clip. £13 for a clip made it probably the most expensive hair clip I had ever bought. I never used to spend money on hair accessories because nothing ever worked well for me. I’d passed by Alexandre De Paris many times looking at the pretty designs and sparkly jewel collections thinking they’re just glorified hair clips and not paying much attention to them. Only after wearing one I realised it’s something you can’t really describe to someone, you have to feel and experience it for yourself. 

The Real Life Test

I wore my little clip day in and day out for a couple of weeks. With each day I was more and more impressed with it. My hair would never come out and it would always stay in place securely all day long. One night I went to bed very late and forgot to take it out. I woke up the next morning and my hair was still in place. That’s when I marched back to the Alexandre De Paris counter and bought my first comb. Yes they’re not cheap but are made of  harden resin, which gives them durability and flexibility. They’re also all hand made and with a year warranty. Yes! You’ll have a year warranty on a hair clip!


Hair combs by Alexandre De Paris

This was the start of my obsession. With a comb I really started to experiment and wear my hair in slightly different styles. A couple of days later and I was back for another comb. As it was sale time I also picked up a large comb for creating a French Hair Bun style.

The Parisian Style

My sister has wavy hair and I remember how she used to style it in a French Bun. I thought it looked so elegant and effortless. Something I couldn’t achieve on my own. My hair was too slippery to stay in place and it would take me ages and 1001 pins to secure the style. When I was shown how easy it is with the large comb I had to give it a go. It took me a few times to get my head around it but look at the results! This takes less than a minute. Suddenly this sophisticated up-do has become my second day hair savour. A no fuss hairstyle for not so great looking hair. You won’t even need a single pin.

French Bun with no pins - Alexandre De Paris

The classic collection is the most popular Alexandre De Paris range. And yes it is an hout cuture for the hair but it’s worth every penny. You’ll understand when you feel the difference and see why so many woman love it. I think it’s something everyone should try because it’s epic. The ladies at counters are very helpful and can assist you to select clips or pins which are best for your hair type. You can buy online but it’s worth going to counter if you can, because the choice is just overwhelming. There’s a counter at Harrods and a free standing boutique in Sloane Street.

Classic Collection Comb - Alexandre De Paris

You won’t be disappointed if you’re on the look out for breathtaking pieces to wear for special events or to dress up your everyday look. Stunning pieces with silk, leather or Swarovski crystals will make everyone feel like a princess. If you’re on Instagram you’ve probably seen me talking about them there. To see more about this stunning Spring Summer 2015 collection decorated with Swarovski Crystals you’ll have to come back, today we’re talking about the classic good old clip.

Watch the video below for some more information on who Alexandre was and why this brand is so famous and so exclusive. Next time I talk about Alexandre de Paris there’s going to be some bling involved. :)

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