Angel Eau Sucree 2015 – New from Thierry Mugler

Angel Eau Sucrée

The new Limited Edition Angel Eau Sucrée 2015 from Thierry Mugler will hit the stores this coming weekend. Angel Eau Sucree 2015 to me doesn’t smell anything like their classic Angel. This makes it an exciting new scent both for those who love Angel and those of you who somehow never got along with that scent. Let’s have a closer look at this seasons Angel Candy.

Angel Candy – New Angel Eau Sucree 2015

I’ve become quite obsessed with this Angel Candy in a bottle. It’s a mix of sweet sourness, which comes from the berry sorbet in the top notes. This reminds me of holidays in Italy. Summer nights and the best gelatto on earth. There’s a sweet note to it too, linking it the iconic Angel. Caramelised meringue makes it sweet, but keeps it light as air at the same time. Finally at the bottom of it you’ll smell patchouli and vanilla. These sensual woody notes give it depth and in my opinion soften the sweetness of the Angel Eau Sucree 2015. 

With my senses I detect sweet sourness and a spacey woody base. This is what lingers for me the most and so to me it’s nothing like the original Angel. It’s more playful, which makes it a better summer scent. Those gellato like sour berry notes make it fresher than the original and more fun for summer.

Sugar not spice makes it all nice

It wouldn’t be a true limited addition if the bottle wasn’t unique too. The iconic star flacon was revamped too. Made to look as if sprinkled with sugar, the bottle looks good enough to eat.

This tasty sent will be available in stores from the 1st May. It comes in a 50ml non refillable bottle and will cost £45.  

I can’t stress enough that fragrance or rather liking a scent is a very personal thing. It’s not if it’s good or bad but whether you like it yourself. I can only suggest you go to your local shop/counter that’s selling it, have a spritz and see if Angel Eau Sucree 2015 or as we say #AngelCandy is right for you!

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