Clarins launches new UV Plus, a powerful shield from UV rays and pollution!

UV Plus Anti-Pollution

I’ve always wanted to try Clarins’ UV Plus, so this year, when UV Plus Anti-Pollution shield with SPF50 was launched, I was very happy to get my hands on one. Before you see why you should have a bottle of UV Plus Anti-Pollution on your dressing table or in your handbag, have a look at this!

Say hello to the French Truck Driver!

I ran a Google search for an image of a “sun damaged French truck driver” so many times a week, I should have it saved in my phone by now. We’re visual, and unless we see with our own eyes how damaging the sun can be, we’re reckless. I use this image to illustrate how dangerous the sun can be.


See, this poor man didn’t know how important sun protection is! After all, he was only cruising in his truck, not sunbathing on the French Riviera. Now, one side of his face looks 50, and the other somewhere closer to 70 or 80. This severe damage to the skin was caused by constant exposure to the UV radiation from the sun, without any protection. I think it’s so hard to wrap our head around how dangerous the sun can be.  We can’t even feel the UVA rays on our skin. We can feel UVB, but that’s not as damaging as UVA. Also, UVA penetrates through clouds and glass, and this is why you should use UV protection on a daily basis. Yes, even when it’s gloomy and grey outside. As long as there is daylight, there’s UV radiation.

What you can’t see with the naked eye. 

Sun Damage through UV camera

Start protecting yourself, because even if your skin looks good on the surface, there might already be existing damage in the deeper layers. This damage usually comes to the surface as we age. Did you know that uneven skin tone and pigmentation can add to our perceived age by as much as 12 years? Remember, it’s easier to prevent than to remove existing damage! For this reason, it’s worth investing in products like UV Plus Anti-Pollution with SPF50 protection!! Remember, we’re all born with perfect skin and only one face for life!

Since when do we need Anti -Pollution shield?

Since scientific research proved that particles of pollution contribute to premature aging. We need it, because protecting from UV alone is still not enough. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have an additional layer of protection, which is why I love the fact that Clarins incorporates their Anti-Pollution complex into any product they can. You can now find it in my favourite Clarins cleanser with shea butter. Every single Clarins day cream, UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen, even foundation.

UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF50

Jinn in the bottle – UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen

Okay, it’s not magic, but in years to come, when your skin is still smooth and bright with no brown spots, you may think it was thanks to the Magic Jinn in the bottle. Since new UV Plus has a high SPF factor, it reduces the damaging force of UVB as much as possible. UVA and infrared protection adds to its power and will shield you from those tricky UVA rays you cant even feel on your skin. Anti-Pollution Shield means you’re as safe as you can be, even if you’re living like me in a massive polluted city, ‘big smoke’, like we call London.

It’s an oil-free Day Screen formulated for a daily use, so its lightweight formula doesn’t leave a film on the skin’s surface. It’s compatible with all day creams. It’s totally weightless. You’ll be surprised how fast your skin absorbs this product. It also helps with hydration and soothing the skin, so it’s suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. For those with the most sensitive skin, Clarins added organic blackcurrant extract, which helps to limit skin discomfort along with redness.  Most importantly, you can do your makeup right after applying it to the skin. It won’t make you shiny, nor will it cause your makeup to slide off your face.

Buy or not to buy?!

Powerful sun protection is probably one of the most effective and cheapest ways to keep skin looking younger for longer. You should do it all year round, not just during summer beach getaways. Even when you’re buying high-end products such as UV Plus Anti-Pollution from Clarins, which costs £32 for 30ml – it’s cheaper than buying corrective skincare. How do I know that? Because I was doing it since my very early 20s. Today, at 35, I often get told I look as if I’m in my late 20s, 26-27, perhaps. Of course it makes me feel smug! Proving that effort and care I put into looking after my skin was worthwhile. Reviling my real age brings questions about my skincare routine and the products I use. Of course, I haven’t been using one thing for the past 15 years, but I always protect my skin from the sun and go for the highest SPF possible. Now, since I have UV Plus Anti-Pollution, it’s always in my bag, just in case! With no further adieu, I’d say BUY!!!


* Sund damage images credit : HuffingtonPost

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    Ewa, I didn’t know you were 35! I hope I look as good as you do when I’m that age! Great, great article.

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