Reduce skin pigmentation and your perceived age with Dermalogica

Reduce Skin Pigmentation with PowerBright TRx

Did you know that according to recent studies, skin pigmentation can add to our perceived age by as much as 12 years!!! Dermalogica has recently launched a new skincare system to battle those brown spots and reduce skin pigmentation. It’s a range of 3 products, which were perfectly balanced to complement each other and deliver all day protection. Dermalogica created PowerBright TRx complex, which works by layering active complexes to optimise results. It promises to give brighter skin without compromise whilst getting uneven skin under control.

The Formula to reduce skin pigmentation.

The aim was to create a versatile range of products, to effectively tackle skin pigmentation not forgetting about other skin concerns. Dermalogica Created PowerBright TRx formulas. This formula mixes different ingredients:

  • Two oligopeptides, algae extracts, phytic acid for – improved brightening. These ingredients prevent formation of melatonin and pigment transfer.
  • Improved hydration is achieved thanks to hyaluronic acid.
  • Let’s not forget how important it is to prevent further skin damage and new pigmentation appearing on the skin surface. This range offers maximum protection and prevention thanks to high SPF 50.
  • Finally an enhanced built in exfoliant helps to remove existing pigmentation and brighten the skin.

What’s in the range

You’ll find three products in the range, which can be easily incorporated into your daily skincare routine.

C12 Pure Bright Serum.

You’ll find serum always the most active in the range. This dresses pigmentation imbalance and fights melanin formation. The Melanin formation is causing new brown spots on your skin, so by stopping this process you can achieve brighter skin with visibly reduced pigmentation. The serum is the most expensive in the range and costs £79.80

Pure Light SPF50

is your day moisturiser. Despite high SPF protection it’s a medium-weight moisturiser. If offers broad spectrum protection, meaning it protects agains UVA and UVB rays. Again this day cream keeps melanin production at bay thanks to a powerful peptide. This cream is also infused with algae and botanical extracts, which help to balance uneven skin tone. Also this sunscreen won’t leave your skin with a white residue so do not fear even if you have a naturally darker skin tone. Pure Light SPF50 costs £55 for a 50ml tube.

Pure Night 

This is rich but not greasy, moisturising treatment for night time. Again it helps to control melanin formation and restore skin luminosity. The night cream is infused with vitamin C, which is known to be one of the most powerful brightening agents as well as a potent anti-oxidant. The night treatment costs £66.50.

My First Impressions

It’s been a while since I used Dermologica moisturisers so I felt a bit like I was discovering this brand all over again.

The first thing I payed attention to was the texture. From serum to night cream; they all blended and were absorbed quickly. I was very impressed with the day cream. For such a high SPF it has great formula I was able to wear my makeup without getting shiny or feeling the product sitting on my skin. I felt a little stinging on my skin especially with the day cream. But this was more prominent after I had done microdermabrasion on my skin. This sensation usually lasted only a minute or two. The night cream feels quite rich at first but a short moment after application it was all absorbed into the skin. On the nights when I used my microdermabrasion device I felt I could do with a bit more of it. But I suppose that’s partly because after the Microderm with my PMD device (another beauty gadget I’m testing), product absorption is roughly 20 times stronger.

The smell is hardly there and it’s more of a ingredient smell than a perfume. My favourite is the day cream as it smells to me a bit like lavender. The serum is the most neutral and there’s a very delicate scent to the night cream. I wasn’t too sure if I like the smell of the night cream at first but to be honest I can’t smell anything on my skin after about a minute so it doesn’t bother me anymore.

My results with PowerBright TRx range.

I used this range only for about 3 weeks. Truly you need a minimum 2 months to see results. This is particularly important if you’re trying to fight skin pigmentation. A month is the minimum for the skin to renew itself. To see changes to the skin that a product can make you need to allow time for it to work.

I have no sun damage or brown spots to reduce because I always shield myself with a high SPF so I won’t be able to judge how effective this range is in reducing them. Brightening on the other hand is something I could do with as my pale skin can often look tired and a bit dull. At the start I only noticed my skin looking noticeably brighter when I woke up after using the serum and a night cream. A couple of weeks with this range  and this effect tends to stay for a day. Of course when I’m shattered in the evening I’m far from looking like a fresh rose petal at dawn. I was probably the most impressed with the day cream. I love the fact it has such a high SPF but doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin and even with daly use it didn’t cause me any skin problems like little pimples or oiliness.

Clear skin after PowerBright TRx

The conclusion

I think it’s a lovely range with some great ingredients. I like the approach Dermalogica took to fighting pigmentation by creating the range that thrives on the combined power of different complexes. Dermalogica isn’t a cheep drugstore brand so naturally the prices are in the higher mids but comparing to some luxury brands and the prices of brightening products they’re very comparable or even cheaper. You don’t have to use entire range straight away, you can start with one or two products and introduce them into you already existing routine. Just remember that the serum is the strongest when it comes to action. Don’t forget that this range encourages cels renewal so protecting yourself from the UV is very important too. Finally the best and fastest results you’ll notice when you’re using the entire range, and this refers to any brand and skin concern. I really feel you could reduce skin pigmentation with this range and think it’s worth giving it a chance if you’re concerned with uneven skin tone or brown spots on your skin.

I’d recommend you see Dermalogica qualified skin care therapist, which can help you to choose correct products. You can also find it online at

If you’re using this range or any of the products let us all know what are your results, especially if your have some sun spots, we’d love to know.

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