Glam Glow self tanner review from Omorovicza.

Omorovicza Glam Glow

Omorovicza is a Hungarian SPA brand. Their products are full of skin nourishing minerals as all are infused in mineral rich thermal waters. Their skincare was made more affective thanks to developing Hydro Mineral Transference system. Omorovicza pioneered and patented a delivery system that delivers the minerals from the healing waters to deeper layers of the skin. Let’s Look at Glam Glow self tanner from Omorovicza, is this luxurious product worth its price?

Glam Glow self tanner – Omorovicza’s holiday in a tube.

There’s no doubt this self tan gives an amazing natural looking tan. Each application gives you a delicate golden glow rather than the dark tanned look. If you’d like your tan to look darker you can apply it a couple of days in a row. It has a creamy body lotion like formula, which makes it perfect for forgetful tanners like myself. I rarely plan to get my tan on, often it’s a last minute decision after jumping out of the shower. This was perfect in those situations when I just wanted to apply my product and forget. A good body cream and self tan in one.

The not so GLAM part!

Glam Glow self tanner has it’s faults as well. Considering I paid £35 for it I was hoping it won’t have the usual self tan smell, I was disappointed after my first use. I bought it after reading a fellow bloggers review, so I had high hopes and expectations for Glam Glow. What convinced me to buy this rather pricy self tan were the words claiming it doesn’t smell. Well, it does smell! It’s not horrid but it’s there. Mr.D with his self tan detecting nose could smell it from a mile!!

Buy or not to buy?!

As much as I loved the final result on my skin I won’t repurchase Glam Glow self tanner again. I’d rather spend that money on Omorowicza skincare, which never disappoints! Just like the Deep Cleansing mask or a Cleansing Balm! These are real hero products that look, smell and work wonders on your skin. They’re everything what you’d expect from a luxurious SPA brand. For body I stick to my recent favourite Cocoa Brown 1hour tan or LDS:SKINS. A great alternative to Glam Glow is St.Tropez Gradual Tan. Granted it’s texture isn’t as divine as this of Glam Glow and you may need to wait a couple of minutes before dressing up, but it’s under £20.

If you want to try it though for your self and make your own mind you can find Glam Glow here.

And before you go here’s a short video review of the Glam Glow plus a couple of other bits from Omorovicza.

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