A new star is born- Angel Star Gravity.

Star Gravity

From Angel lovers, perfume bottle collectors to simply anyone who likes pretty things… there’s a new Star on the horizon, so look this way! Thierry Mugler has launched a new bottle for it’s most iconic scent; Angel- Star Gravity. This bottle was created to impress, and it does!

A new Star Gravity is born!

Stars are symbols of the Angel fragrance. They are more than perfume bottles. Handmade and often refillable they become a tribute to glassmaking and dressing table adornments. The new Angel bottle, designed by the Mugler Fashion House, is a three dimensional star so it beautifully captures light and reflects it from differed angels. I suppose it glistens just like a real star in the sky.

Star in the sky.

The Mugler House calls it “Star Gravity“. The bottle represents the “celestial diminution of Angel, one that would free itself from lows of gravity”. You’ll notice it hasn’t got a ‘bottom’ and you can place it on any or its sides. In this way the creator of a newly designed bottle are trying to remind us that that stars belong in the sky.

Three dimensional Star Gravity

The Fragrance:

It’s innovative, very distinctive and original. One of those that lingers around you for a whole day long. Only you can decide if you’re an Angel and the best way to do it is to try it on the skin. It really changes, softens and becomes somehow an integral part of you and your outfit. I always thought it was too strong for me, but I loved it on others, until the day I sprayed it on my skin. 

Created by master perfumer, Oliver Cresp. Forget about the traditional top, middle and base notes of the scent. Mugler describes the notes in a more artistic way, playing with words, ingredients, philosophy of the scent and our senses.

Here is how the notes go:

The Celestial note… Pure, transparent and light as air. A subtle breath which sets the fragrance apart and a blue note to evoke infinite space.

The delicious note… Captivating, mouth watering, an elixir of fruits with a touch of honey.

The voluptuous note… Tender and sensual, a hit of vanilla, chocolate and caramel to remind us of our childhood an counterbalance woody scent of patchouli.

Angel by Thierry Mugler -Star Gravity

Personal touch.

This is the first refillable perfume bottle I own. I was very kindly given a very special engraved Star Gravity to celebrate the launch of this very special star. Now I’d very proudly display it on my dressing table. If you follow Social Beautify on Instagram you’ve probably already seen it :)

Ewa's Star

This gorgeous new Star Gravity comes in a refillable 75 ml, bottle. It’ll cost you £86 to buy for the first time. It works out cheeper when you refill your bottle in the future.

Ever wondered how many Angel stars there are? If you have one share your pictures and tag me in them. I’m on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’d love to see your star!! If there’s enough I may even be able to make a collage of pictures and post it here or on my Social Media, so get involved my angel. xx

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