Easy tanning with 1h Tan by Cocoa Brown.

1h Tan by Cocoa Brown

The 1 hour tan from Cocoa Brown equals easy tanning. No smell. No streaks. No waiting around for the colour to develop. If you feel sceptical and cynical when it comes to all these claims, you’re not alone! I only accept a self tan that looks like a natural sun tan!

I admit feeling annoyed with all the bloggers raving about 1h tan from Cocoa Brown. Even though I’d already tried Tough Stuff scrub and the Gentle Bronze and loved both. I somehow couldn’t believe that actual tan was perfect and yet didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I joined a conversation on Twitter between a blogger and Cocoa Brown, so they decided to send me a bottle so I could try it for myself and report back my findings!

1h to 3h baking time!

The other day I finally had the chance to put the 1h tan to test! I don’t have a wealth of experience with applying self tan, so if I am able to get it right so can you. It comes as a mousse, very lightly tinted. This makes it easy to see where you apply it! But I just got a bit excited with the mousse texture and wasn’t careful at all I was just smoothing it like a crazy kid all over my body! It took me only 2 minutes! On reflection of my careless application I was expecting some serious smudges. Especially around my arms. Cocoa Brown 1h tan is designed for easy tanning. You’ll develop a light tan within 1 hour after application. You can keep it on for 2h for a medium tan and 3h for dark tan. I had it on for 1:30h plus maybe a few minutes longer. I decided to go for a light touch of tan.

The results & How it feels when you eat your own words!?

Easy tanning

The results were brilliant! There were no patches on my arms. The colour was natural. It was as good as Omorovicza Golden Glow tan, meaning it’s hard to spot it’s not a real tan. If you hate the self tan smell while ‘baking’ you’d be pleased to know this one is totally free from that horrid smell. I have no Idea how Coca Brown achieved it, but I’m thrilled. If it can be achieved why the heck don’t other brands do it!! Self tan smell is what puts me off from using self tan more often. How about you?

Ha, it was so silly me being a nonbeliever I had to eat my own words because I discovered a great and inexpensive product!  You’d be pleased to hear Coca Brown 1h tan costs only £7.99! I’m on the wagon with all Cocoa Brown 1h tan loving bloggers. Yep, I’m gonna be annoying the hell out of those who haven’t tried Coca Brown 1h tan yet, and SHOULD!

With Cocoa Brown 1h tan you’ll have an easy tanning experience. It stood up to the best self tanning products I’ve tried. Competitors with a whooping price difference like Omorovicza Glam Glow or Vita Liberata or even LDN:Skins. These three brands offer self tanning products, which have both great results and relatively easy and fuss free application; perhaps besides Vita Liberatata.

Buy or not to buy!

Definitely buy! It’s a really, really good product with a price that good it’s impossible not to try it! If you’d like a more intense tan, you should try 1h tan Dark instead! You can find 1h tan online here.

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