Clarisonic – The ultimate guide.

Clarisonic The Ultimate Guide

You’ll find here all the necessary information to get the most of your device. We’re going to bust some myths about it as well. By the end of this post you’ll know all the secrets to using Clarisonic daily and have amazing skin. With many confusing articles about Clarisonic I asked a Clarisonic trainer to explain it all to me so I and you can use our awesome skin cleansing brush and have beautiful skin.

Clarisonic Myths

  • You’ll find many suggestions to use it only a couple times a week, claiming Clarisonic is harsh. This is far away from the truth.
  • It exfoliates so you shouldn’t use it daily! Wrong again.
  • Hot cloth cleansers work well with Clarisonic! Well, not really. I’ll get to this too!

Once upon a time…

It all begun nearly two years ago, when I received my Clarisonic Plus. Excited I started using it immediately, but after a week my skin started getting grumpy. It was flakey and a tad sensitive around my t-zone area. Everyone around me was saying it’s because I’m scrubbing my face with “that brush“! WRONG! They were all wrong! But I didn’t know that back then so I ditched my Clarisonic, and forgot all about it for nearly a year.

How it works?

The brush oscillates. This means it moves back and forth not round. This movement happens 300 times a second. This is the “sonic” speedo. This gentle movement back and forth is very lightly flexing the skin, loosening dirt in the pores, which can then be flushed away. It’s flushed away by the water forced out of the brush. The brush is designed to be very gentle on the skin, and each bristle is polished and rounded to be delicate. There’s no exfoliation happening to the skin, and there are clinical studies to prove it.

How to use it?

  • Always with water and some sort of gel cleanser. Wet your brush generously. It’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower. This water is very important as it’ll flush away dirt from your pores.
  • When you start using Clarisonic for the first time make sure you set the speed to level one, which is the most gentle. Press the power button to start the cycle. It will wash your face for a recommended minute unless you change your timer. Changing the timer is possible only on Aria and Plus. A minute cycle gives you 20 seconds for your forehead another 20 for nose and chin and finally 10 for each of your cheeks. You’ll know when to move to the next area as the brush will make a beep sound.
  • Don’t press it hard to the skin but just guide it. Applying too much pressure will stop it form being effective.
  • For best results use gel or cream cleansers/face washes designed to be used with water. Yes you could use balm cleansers but only if they dilute well when washed with water. Thicker textures are simply not as effective as they won’t be working with the water force plus some oils may cling to the brush damaging the bristles.
  • After using, take your brush head off and give it a wash. Use shower gel or gentle shampoo to keep it clean. I like to use Johnson’s Baby Head to Toe shower gel.
  • Replace your brush head every 3 months. Brush bustles can fatigue after daily use and therefore become less gentle or effective, but you may not see it with the naked eye.

The toast and butter effect.

It’s not a magic wand but I’ve seen people with spotty skin getting rid of the problem within a month.
I’ve noticed a great improvement to my skin as well. My skin appears smoother as my pores aren’t congested anymore. Look this way if you have problems with congested skin. Combined with a good skincare routine it’s a life saver. I still get grumpy skin days at times, but not very often. I noticed my pores look tighter too. The best thing of all; I’m now able to use moisturisers with a rich textures and my skin absorbs it all with ease. No pimples the next day. I call it the toast and butter effect. Perfectly cleansed skin absorbs products deeper and easier, so they become more effective. Just as butter spread over warm toast is able to sink in and spread. This is also important if you’re an oily skin type and are using oil control or oil regulating products. They may become more affective when you start using Clarisonic, which could dry your skin out. If that’s the case, switch to a light moisturiser and leave mattifying products behind.

Here’s the video version of Clarisonic – The Ultimate Guide. Some serious had gestures are going on, one may think I’m practicing to become a DJ. Enjoy!

Clarisonic maybe isn’t cheep but certainly worth its money in gold. I use Clarisonic Plus, which is designed for face & body. If you’re only interested in cleansing your face, I’d recommend you get Aria.

Have you used Clarisonic? What was your experience?


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