Full Repair Deep Conditioner from John Frieda – for fine hair.

Full Repair Deep Conditioner from John Frieda

Have you ever promised yourself to look after your fine hair and give it care? Have you ever bought any nourishing hair masks, to end up abandoning them after the first use because you don’t like looking as if you forgot to wash your hair? Yeh, me too! Most hair masks are just too weighty. If you ever ended up with a selection of masks so huge you could run a hair salon, you’re not alone. I hate throwing things away if they aren’t empty. I therefore end up with an array of pots. Most I later donate to my sister, who’s hair is wavy and more frizzy. When I was recently sent John Freda shampoo for a review and I found in the packet a Full Repair Conditioner, I got excited! I reviewed this range of shampoos nearly a year ago. Back then I particularly loved the conditioner, as it really worked wonders on fine hair. My hair felt soft and was easy to comb and still had bounce and volume. If Full Repair Deep Conditioner is going to be similar I’m going to be in hair heaven.

Full Repair Deep Conditioner – The Marketing Claims:

According to the marketing claims on the tube we’re going to have 90% smoother hair in just one use. This Deep Conditioner hydrates and b hair. Full Repair Deep Conditioner contains Inca inch oil – which is a lightweight type of oil to repair and nourish our hair. It also promises to reverse damage with every use. The Full Repair mask is supposed to penetrate deep and repair the look and feel of over styled hair, which should reduce the risk of breakage. As a result, your hair should become silky and full.

The real world challenge.

After washing my hair with the volume shampoo from the John Frieda range I squeezed a generous amount of Full Repair Deep Conditioner onto my hand and applied it nearly to the entire length of my hair. I missed only my scalp. The texture was thicker than the Volume conditioner but much lighter than most hair masks I owned. As instructed I left it on for 5 minutes to work. You should leave Full Repair in your hair for 2 -5 minutes for the best results. When I finally washed it off, I could feel my hair was silky smooth and extremely soft.

Styling and the final result.

It might be nice to use in the shower but it’s the final result that really matters. I dried my hair as I always do. First spritzing it with L’Oreal heat defence spray and than using hair drier and drying my hair by holding my head down. I comb it through with my EccoTools hair brush. That’s what I always do and I figured out it’ll be the best way to notice the difference.

My current go-to brush!

My current go-to brush!


Shine was the hardest to judge. I don’t colour my hair at the moment and natural hair has always had more of a sheen. If you colour or highlight your hair this might be harder to notice.

The WOW factor

The biggest difference I noticed was on the hair ends. It looked like my hair was full but super smooth. No fly aways. No frizz. My hair ends looked healthy. I thought initially that I’m imagining it or just trying to convince myself, but then I used the new John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner a few more times and on each occasion I could see similar results.

For the purpose of this review I haven’t used any finishing product on my hair ends, to see what happens the next morning. Will my ends still look so smooth and slick or start looking more like a straw?


The Drum Roll!

Full Repair Deep Conditioner does deserve a drum roll. After a whole day my hair still looked perfectly smooth. In the past I used to use a finishing product to give my ends this smooth and polished look otherwise achieved by a hair straightener. Whenever I forgot to do this I could notice my ends looking a little bit messy and dryish. Not this time though.

After using Full Repair Deep Conditioner

The Grade!

Pass! It passed my test of a non believer. Full Repair Deep Conditioner still stands the test of time. Can it really make my hair healthier than it is at the moment? I don’t think I can fully judge it after only a couple of weeks. However, I’m delighted with the initial results. Full Repair Deep Conditioner also has a good price tag, which makes me very, very happy. If I can get something that works and doesn’t ruin my bank account, I say hell yes!

You can find the John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner at drug stores or online here.

Have you used it on coloured or highlighted hair? Let us know if it worked for you too!

P.S. The change factor

I only realised how much volume the John Frieda Volume range gives when I tried it for a second time. This is because for the last 6 months I was using a treatment shampoo to help with my sensitive scalp and thinning hair, which doesn’t boost your hairs volume. It looked like I had twice as much hair! Like a lion! Fabulous! x

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