Dr Irena Eris & Institute Solutions skincare range.

Institute Solutions by Dr Irena Eris

Let’s look at this new range; Institute Solutions by Dr Irena Eris. Institute Solutions is an anti-aging range from a luxury brand yet with a very healthy price tag!

Dr Irena Eris the creator behind Institute Solutions.

Dr Irena Eris is a Polish luxury skincare and makeup brand. Makeup is a relatively new addition to it’s range. They became famous thanks to the skincare products that were always delivering. Dr Irena Eris is now one of the non French luxury beauty brands that was accepted to an exclusive club that unites French luxury market leaders.

Hanging out with the boys in a back room.

Comité Colbert was founded by Jan-Jacque Guerlain in 1954. This exclusive club was bringing together the French luxury market leaders such as Chanel, Hermes, Dior and Cartier just to name a few. There are only 3 non French brands in the Club. In 2011 two german brands were accepted, including Montblanc. In 2012 Dr Irena Eris was accepted too. A beautiful reward after creating outstanding products for years. Dr. Irena Eris has been a major player on the Polish beauty market for years! Now also famous for having luxurious skincare institutes and Hotel SPA. However it was the hard work Dr Irean Eris put into creating her products at the start of her career and creating products delivering outstanding results that has brought her fame. Now it holds a strong position in a beauty cabinet of nearly every polish woman.

Institute Solutions, the luxury that that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Institute Solutions Range

I really hope product prices aren’t going to sky rocket just because Dr Irana Eris is now with the ‘boys in the back room’. You can buy the entire Institute Solutions range for under £100. If you compare this range to let’s say Lancome’s equivalent range you’ll be looking to spend around £200. You’d have to pay probably even more if you’d like a similar range from Dior or Chanel.

Closer look into Institute Solutions range. 

Within this luxury range you’ll find the Radiance and Lifting range.

According to Dr Irena Eris her brightening range has revitalising and brightening properties and can be used by woman in all ages. The formula draws on skin bio-regeneration and this range has a high concentration (30%) of revitalising and pigmentation reducing ingredients. This is the same concentration that is used in Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes.

I’ve been using the Lifting Solution with rejuvenating and lifting properties. Dr. Irena Eris recommends it for woman 40+, but I figured out it won’t hurt me to give my skin an extra boost right now.

Textures of all the products are to die for! All products from the serum to your day cream blend beautifully and absorb into your skin leaving it feeling comfortable and supple.

The serum absorbs fast with no sticky feel although it comes out looking and feeling like a gel. Wait till you see how fresh and plumped your skin looks after you’ve used the night cream. I seriously noticed the difference with this product. Day cream on the other hand has also SPF20 to protect your skin and very fine gold particles to add radiance to your complexion instantly. After using this range for the last 3 months I’m still enjoying it and would happily repurchase it.

Here’s a short video giving you a quick round up of this brand and the range. Enjoy. x

You can find Dr Irena Eris online. She delivers to most destinations but you have to pay for delivery so the total price will depend on where you live.

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