RMK Vintage Sweets Collection Spring 2015.

RMK Vintage Sweets Collection

The Japanese brand RMK has launched a spring makeup collection inspired by candy and the world of afternoon tea. All products from RMK Vintage Sweets spring collection look nearly edible. Don’t be fooled by it’s candy-like appearance though. With Japanese roots RMK is dedicated to curate products of high technological quality. At the core are lightweight formulas, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

Choosing your RMK Vintage Sweets. Spring Limited Edition.

RMK Vintage Sweets Spring 2015 Collection

RMK Sweet Sugar Eyes.

You’ll find 5 different shades; Pink Beige, Sugar Gray, Sugar Blue, Sugar Yellow Gold, Sugar Brown. It’s a two shade shadow, so you can either mix the shades together or apply them individually.

Pigment is visible but it’s not overpowering giving you a wash of a colour finish. My Sugar Blue set has more of a satin blue and sparkly silver shade. I tried using it with a damp makeup brush and found it was perfectly fine, giving a bit more of an intense finish. I liked that technique. Distribution was slightly easier, without any eyeshadow dropping on my cheeks.

RMK W Color Mascara SS

RMK Spring 2015 Mascara

A genius mascara for spring. Comes in 5 different shades. Perfectly designed brush for maximum results. Upper lashes brush is curved to make application easier with fine and small brussels allowing you to get to each and every lash. On the opposite end is your bottom lash mascara, with a tiny brush for easy application. It always comes in a vibrant colour to add a bit of funkiness to your look.

Bottom lash mascara

Experiment with colour and don’t stick to just the boring browns. No, you’re not too old for that! Remember, you can always wash it off, it’s only makeup after all. Plus, you’re only as old as you allow yourself to be. Get used to seeing yourself in different shades and colour mascara. Often when you first put it on, you’ll feel it doesn’t suit you. Ask other people for their opinion, let it grow on you. It’s hard to drop old makeup habits. Mascara is probably the easiest way to add a bit of colour whatever your age. Try Blue & Violet if you’d like to brighten up your eyes. For more a classy with a funky touch try Black & Pink. Brown & Orange will look stunning on green eyes. Indigo & Green on blue and brown, Dark Gray & Yellow would work with any eye colour. This is a waterproof mascara so will stay put all day. Use waterproof makeup remover to take if off gently without irritating your eyes.

RMK Vintage Candy Cheeks. 

RMK Vintage Candy Cheeks

Mix up this two-shade, cute cheek colour and pop it on your cheeks. Candy Red Rose blusher is well pigmented, so you can expect all the others to be similar. You won’t need to use much to see good results. If you overdose they’ll start too look a little bit powdery. You’ll find that less is more with this product. Except Candy Red Rose you’ll find three other shades to choose from. Two soft pinks and a natural shade called Candy Mocha Brown. The last being perfect for someone who’s naturally blushed.

RMK Vintage Drop Gloss. 

RMK gloss

Not only do these glosses look gorgeous they’re also sensational on the lips too. Smooth, so smooth you wouldn’t think it’s a gloss. No stickiness at all! So if you want a gloss that won’t glue your lips together look this way! They have a stunning lustre like finish. You’ll be able to use them on their own or on top of your lipstick for extra shine. Remember at the start I mentioned that RMK as a Japanese brand pays huge attention to new technology and high quality? This gloss is a perfect example. The product is designed in such way that its pretty swirl of colours stays that way, even when you use it again and again.

RMK gloss applicator

RMK Vintage Sweets Face Color.

RMK Vintage Sweets Face Color

RMK Vintage Sweets collection brings you two limited edition face powders. Looking at them you may start thinking what the heck? They’re not exactly what we’re used to using to set our foundation! However, when you swirl your finger around the powder and pick up all the shades it’ll give you a perfect translucent powder. You can use it for setting your foundation or touch ups during the day. This particular product is growing on me the more I use it. The elegant and slim packaging is handy to carry in your makeup bag and it’s very, very gently scented with a fragrance of black tea.

RMK Nail Color EX

RMK nail colour

According to RMK we should wear pastels on our nails this spring. Not any pastels but those with a nuance of grey. I found them relatively fast drying and long lasting on my nails, even though I’ve never used the top coat to protect my colour.

In this image I’m wearing selected products from RMK Vintage Sweets Collection for spring 2015. I hope this will inspire you to be brave and play with colour! You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter @SocialBeautify for more looks and product overviews. Tag me in your own makeup creations too.

Ewa Pietreniuk in RMK Vintage Sweets Collection - Social Beautify

In this picture I’m wearing:

Foundation : Clarins True Radiance Foundation

Powder : 02 Yellow Green

Blush : 03 Candy Red Rose

Lips : 03 Cassis

Eyeshadow: Clarins Instant Smooth Eye Primer, and RMK Sweet Sugar Eyes in 03 Sugar Blue.

Mascara : 01 Black & Pink

Have a play yourself. You can find RMK at Selfridges. The ladies on the counter are lovely and will pop some products on for you if you feel like having a play.

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