Big eyes in 5 easy makeup steps.

Big Eyes In 5 Simple Steps

You’d like to have mesmerising big eyes? Don’t blame ya! We find people with big eyes more attractive, according to some research. I’d like to share with you a few easy steps to big eyes. These makeup tricks will make your eyes appear bigger!

From brow enhancement to big eyes.

L'Oreal Brow Artist

I’d like to start with the easiest trick. Brows enhancement. If you had to do only one thing, choose your eyebrows over mascara! Brows help to frame and therefore add more character and deffiniton to your face. More than your eyelashes. You can use an eyebrow powder palette. I like Clarins. Pencils are good too. Use them to fill in between your brow hair, with delicate strokes. Finally my recent discovery, a brow gel from L’Oreal (Brow Artist). Inexpensive but quick, easy to use and with great lasting power. It could be a good place to start if you’ve never done your eye brows before. Remember the fuller the brows the better. Bushy brows will give you a younger appearance. Just don’t go overboard! You don’t want to end up looking like there’re slugs attached to your face.

Eyeshadow your eye opener.

Big Eyes tutorial

I love using eyeshadow to make eyes appear bigger. Using only 2 eye shadows you can change the way you look without looking made up at all. It’s a trick that works both for an understated day makeup or evening sophistication. You need at least two eyeshadows. One in a lighter shade and the other in a bit darker. The darker your second shade the bolder the look will get. Use your light shade all over your moving lid, you can apply it with a placing brush. For your second brush you’ll need a softer, more fluffy brush called a blender. But if you don’t have much experience you may find using a placer first easier. In that case you must place the darker shade lightly in the crease and along the lash line. Joining both in a V shape. Next use your blending brush and blend until it all looks soft and creates an even look. By creating a V shape you’re extending your eye outwards a tiny bit. This will be enough to make you eyes appear bigger. For more deffiniton you can also add a bit of eyeshadow under your lower lash line. Again use your darker shade.

Big Eyes with 2 Brushes

Eyeliner and the flick trick.

This is by all means a quick and effective way to draw attention to your eyes. Use liner for darker and more dramatic looks not only to extend your eye optical a little but to make your eyelashes paper bigger too. Try to use the technique described in point 2 too. Those two together are very effective to achieve big eyes look. Use eyeliner pen for easy application. Start with the flick. Using eyeliner pen sideway draw line along the lash line. Simply press it as close to your lash line as possible. Watch the video below for tips.

L'Oreal Slim Liner

Adding a flick helps but it may not work if you have hooded eyes. In that case just make sure you don’t cross the natural line of your socket. Keep the liner inside it and draw the line slightly upwards as you get closer the the outer part of your eyes. Remember that drawing liner all around inner rim of the eye will make them appear smaller. This technique is great to enhance eyes though. I like using it with bolder eye looks where I already used the eyes shadow to extend the look of my eyes. I then often apply liquid liner with a flick on the top lid too.

Choose tools that you feel familiar with, but don’t get frustrated if you’re struggling to achiever a perfect line. It takes some practice. Pencils are good to start with in my opinion. You don’t need such a steady hand to use them.

Highlight your eyes.

This is often a forgotten trick to create red carpet big eyes. However unlike all the others it’s not going to make a massive difference if that’s the only thing you do. Add this step to your basic makeup look, and it’ll make a huge difference. Simply place a small amount of highlighter (powder or cream) in the inner corner of your eye. I like using fluffy brush for a softer finish with the product. Don’t forget to place your highlighter right underneath your beautifully shaped eyebrows for an extra lift too. This step extends your inner corner, which makes the whole eye appear bigger. Your makeup will look very polished too.

Make your eyes big with mascara.

Clarins Waterproof Mascara

Mascara can also be used to open up your eyes. It doesn’t matter what your mascara is supposed to do. Lengthen or make your lashes look fuller, this trick works with them all. Most mascaras will apply most of the product in the first area of application. Remember this and start applying mascara to the outer corner of your eyes if you’d like to enhance that almond shape of the eye. Certainly the way to do if you’re working the cat eye look. If you need to make your eyes pop and look wide open, start application right in the middle and next move to the outer corner, finishing application at the inner corner of the eye.

Don’t be shy and show me your big, bold eyes. I’m on Instagram and Twitter at @ScialBeautify, so tag me in. 

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