Thinning hair remedy that doesn’t break the bank-PHYTO.

Thinning hair remedy PHYTO

At first, only you can notice your hair getting thinner. Soon you end up inspecting the top of your head each time you look in the mirror. You’re considering counting the number of hairs on the hair brush, daily. If you suffer with thinning hair this will sound familiar. When I noticed my hair getting thinner, I ended up wearing the same hair style for over a year because I didn’t want anyone to notice. I seriously needed to find some thinning hair remedy. It’s hard to work within the beauty industry, be a beauty blogger and be half bold!!

Reasons of hair loss may vary. From pregnancy, stress to medications or age. Whatever it is, it makes you feel crap about yourself. Good news is, I’ve discovered a couple of products that worked magic. My hair is back to it’s normal condition, so can yours! Exciting news, it’s not going to break the bank either!

Let me tell you about the thinning hair remedy that doesn’t break the bank. 

By the time I came across the PHYTO Paris densifying shampoo I’d already tried various products promising hair growth miracles. They were preventing the situation getting worse but unfortunately not improving it. I wasn’t prepared to spend thousands of pounds for expensive treatment, as I wasn’t suffering a severe hair loss that classifies for a clinic treatment. It was more of a thinning hair issue caused by being stressed and run down for a long period of time.

After trying a few hair grow promoting serums and not seeing much of an improvement, I was just coming to terms with the fact it my take a very long time to get my hair back into good condition. That’s when I discovered PHYTO Paris. I decided to try PHYTO after being recommended a few products after having a scalp scan, which confirmed I had thinning hair and scalp sensitivity.

The consistency factor any thinning hair remedy requires.

Forget about expecting to see results if you’re not prepared to put effort into being consistent with this treatment. We’re talking months not weeks.

3 points to remember when using any thinning hair remedy:

  1. Use daily treatment to regularly stimulate the hair follicles. This is your shampoo.
  2. Use additional treatment, like scalp serum. These are usually small capsules of an intense treatment, which you apply directly to your scalp 3 times a week. Theses give your hair follicles essential ingredients to strengthen them. Stronger better nourished hair follicles will result with eventually stronger growing hair.
  3. You must support your treatment with some hair supplement. Most thinning hair remedies would boost blood circulation to allow more nutrients to get to the follicle. However, most of the time diet alone won’t supply enough minerals and elements needed to boost hair growth

Phyto Paris haircare

Give it 2 minutes! 

I was using my new thinning hair remedy, PHYTO densifying shampoo every other day. That’s because I wash my hair every other day. As directed I was leaving the shampoo in for 2 minutes after massaging it! I’m convinced that leaving it in religiously and letting it work, helped me to see results fast. Before I finished my first bottle I did notice a lot more new hair growing. This shampoo cost only £13 and despite having a strangely liquid texture- it’s runny just like water– it lasted me 3 months. Even my scalp sensitivity has disappeared completely.

How it works? The shampoo will boost micro circulation in your scalp, so your hair follicles can absorb all the nutrients!

How to feed your hair follicles?

Phyto Paris Hair Densifying serum

External Boost

Give your hair some extra kick, use hair growth promoting serum. I’ve used a few by different brands but the best results I’ve noticed was with PHYTO densifying serum. I was recommended it by a lady who I got chatting to when I was buying my densifying shampoo. She claimed it was the best hair serum she’s used. She also said she stuck to using it as hair straightening treatment at least once a year for nearly 20 years now! That was enough of a recommendation. You wouldn’t believe but it also gives you an  incredible instant volume boost! Seriously I’ve tried many styling products to boost volume that don’t come even close to it.

Internal goodness:

If you want your hair treatment such as shampoo or serum to work, you must take care of your diet and supplements. PHYTO offers those as well but I didn’t use PHYTO supplements as I already had IMADINE at home. I find them very effective and as the ingredients were very similar I thought it won’t make much of a difference, as long as I take them regularly. Supplements are essential for you shampoos and treatments to work effectively and efficiently. Even if we eat well, we often are unable to supply crucial ingredients to support hair growth. Supplements are in my opinion the most important part of any thinning hair treatment to work. One thinning hair remedy on it’s own will work, but like with most things you probably won’t see significant results very fast.

Happy Ending!

Combined efforts of shampoo, serum, good diet with hair supplements were quickly showing results. Six months later my hair got back to good condition. If you stick to being consistent and take care of your self, you’ll most likely see similar results. I will continue using shampoo and serum. At least until my hair feels as full as it used to.

In my case PHYTO Paris performed the best, making a real difference to my hair and how I feel. I couldn’t recommend it enough. Remember though to seek medical advice or speak to you GP if your off the counter hair treatments aren’t working for you. Do it before the situation gets worst. Sometimes beauty specifics simply can fix the problem. Then it’s best to be in the good hands of professionals sooner rather than later.

If you feel like giving them a go you can find Photo Densifying Shampoo here and the serum here.

What was your remedy to battle thinning hair or hair loss, if you ever experienced it?

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