Suitcase Beauty: Skin Food from South Korea.

Suitcase Beauty

Skin Food, A South Korean brand will open the new category on Social Beautify – Suitcase Beauty.

This year I’d like to introduce another concept to the ‘Suitcase Beauty’ category. I love to travel and whenever I go away I look for native beauty specifics. In 2015 I’m going to do my best to introduce you to one brand and product a month discovered on my travels.

South Korean brand Skin Food is my recent discovery. So let’s look at it closer.

South Korean Skin Food.

Known for creating products with food in their most natural form possible. Skin Food has nearly 1000 stores in South Korea. However since 2012 foreign visitors started showing their interest in the brand and as a result you can find Skin Food now also in Taiwan, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and more. For a full list of counters stocking Skin Food visit their web site here.

Produce to Product

Skin Food has a great range of products from makeup, skincare, body to haircare. To manufacture their beauty specifics they use natural food produce in its original forms as ingredients. This is what’s make the brand so unique. Skin Food products don’t contain many preservatives to protect your product from going off-so I was told- so I’d suggest you keep them in the fridge if you’d like to prolong their shelf life.

Watery Berry Gel Mask from Skin Food

Skin Food Mask

I tried Watery Berry Gel Mask as advised by one of my South Korean friends. I was quite frankly gobsmacked when I tired it for the first time. This is the best gel mask of this kind I’ve tried.

Watery Berry Gel Mask

My skin looked so smooth I’m not sure if I’d ever seen it like that. Radiant, very radiant actually. Plus the pores were really tight. They were half the usual size. This result will last for a day or so. But you can certainly tell your skin is more ‘bouncy’ for another couple of days. I suppose the name is well matched; Skin Food. Because your skin will look and behave like it had a good meal.

I had a pack of ten masks, each packed individually. It’s a gel cloth soaked with sodium hyaluronate and berry extract. I like that the gel cloth is separated in half as it’s much easier to fit it firmly to the skin. It feels like your skin is having a genuine drink of water. This would be fabulous before a big event as it makes your skin radiant and as smooth as a new borns. I particularly liked using it after the flight. I felt like it really perked my skin up and helped to balance it.

For a more chatty review of the Watery Berry Gel Mask from Skin Food have a look at the video below.

Let me know what you think about my #SuitcaseBeauty category. Would you like to see more similar posts like this? Let me know in the comments below. :)

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