Vitalumiere Powder Foundation by Chanel Review.


When Chanel launched their Vitalumiere Powder Foundation it got some great reviews from a few bloggers who got to put their hands on it before the launch. It promised easy application, a smooth and natural finish with a very gentle sheen, just as that of healthy skin. Wouldn’t you like that?

Sure, I wanted to give it a go too but this powder foundation is priced at £55, so I simply couldn’t justify that much money, especially as my foundation drawer was overflowing at a time.

A few months later I got my hands on it. Would I pay £55 again? I put tighter  vitalumiere powder foundation review. Let’s look at it closer.

What’s in the black box?

Hiding in the iconic box is your pot of powder foundation and a small kabuki brush for application.

The pot is cleverly designed to prevent excess of powder getting on the brush and coming out of the pot. The brush is also lovely and soft, so it feels great on the skin. At the same time it’s firm enough to blend the powder easily and evenly. However I feel there should be a small pouch for the brush to keep it in. Especially when the product is priced at £55. Chanel is a luxury brand after all and since my shadows come in small pouches so I’d expect that even more when it comes to a brush that is used on the skin. What do you think?


Vitalumiere Powder Foundation in action.

The product itself is great. I think it’s my most favourite of all the Chanel Foundations. It’s super easy to blend. You won’t need your powder on top so it’s going to speed up your getting ready process.

I find it lasted great all day too, with no need for touch ups. It’s so lightweight you won’t even feel it’s sitting on your skin and despite a powder formula it’s not powdery or dry looking. Quite the opposite. It gives a smooth and fresh finish to the skin.

Who is it best for?

Let’s look at coverage first. As it’s sheer to medium coverage I’d recommend it for anyone with relatively even skin. Of course it’ll cover minor pigmentation or smaller blemishes but if you have problem skin I’d suggest a liquid foundation instead.

Skin type wise I think most skin types except very oily or extremely dry. I just don’t think it’ll have enough hold to stay put all day on excessively oily skin. I have combination skin so if you happen to have very oily skin and you’ve used Vitalumiere Powder Foundation do let me (and everyone else) know how you found it.

On the other hand if you have severely dry skin, skin that is flaky, dull and feels tight, you may want to look into richer textures that are going to be more comforting. Powder also can catch onto the dry, flaky skin and make it look dryer than it already is.

Would I pay £55 again? I’m still quite torn as I do love the product but I also feel it’s overpriced. I probably would consider purchasing it again purely for the ease of use and the fact I don’t need to worry about my makeup all day long. I know this foundation on my combination skin will stay looking smooth and untouched all day long. Plus Vitalumiere Powder Foundation has quite a natural finish, which allows the skin to shine through, which I’m very fond of.

Blow you’d find a video review where you can see it applied on the skin.

Have you tried Vitalumiere Powder Foundation? If you tried it than let me know how you found it performs on your skin type and if you’d buy it again?

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