Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch by Clarins-review.

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

I’d forgotten how good this Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is. I used to use it before I discovered Hyaluronic Face Glow by Terry. Recently I was kindly given some instant smooth along with a couple of other Clarins makeup products, which are designed with skincare properties in them.

The Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch formula has been slightly updated since I last used it, making it even lighter and more weightless than ever.

Now you see them, now you don’t!

This is a pot of oil-free silky smoothness. Designed with Acacia Micro-Pearls to fill lines and smooth skin. Clever Line-Minimising Pigment creates soft-focus light reflection making your skin look as if it was photoshopped (in a nice way). This new pigment also evens and enhances the skins luminosity. Simply taking it makes you look less tired.

This is makeup that’s good for you

In the past we often heard people saying that makeup isn’t good for skin. First of all I’d like to say that if you cleanse your skin well, there’s nothing to worry about. Secondly, Instant Smooth is more than just a makeup product. It has been infused with plant Triglycerides to nourish and Vitamin E to protect your skin.

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch in action

I find it extremely easy to apply and the results are clearly visible. My makeup applies easily over Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. No smudging or rolling of the product. I’ve used all sorts of formulas on top of Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch from liquid foundations through to BB creams to powder foundations. All of them performed perfectly well. My skin stayed smooth and less shiny all day. As the formula is oil-free I didn’t feel it was blocking my pores in any way. My complexion stayed smooth and blemish free even after 4 weeks of everyday use.

How to use it?

Simply smooth a small amount over your skin, just as you would with a moisturiser. I’d suggest you start from the T-Zone, which usually has more visible pores to smooth out. Next focus on any fine lines, perhaps around the eyes or centre of your forehead. If you’re happy with the result, follow with your next makeup step, otherwise blend some more product over the rest of your face. Just remember you don’t need much of it at all.

Who is is for?

It’s for you if you’d like to hide the appearance of your pores or smooth out fine lines but at the same time you’re demanding a great quality formula. It’s for you if you’d care about achieving complexion perfection. Instant Smooth Perfect Touch used before liquid foundation gives you flawless skin that appears younger.

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