Burberry Lip Cover lipstick for the perfect nude lips.

Burberry Lip Cover in Antique Rose - Social Beautify

Burberry Lip Cover lipstick is my most favourite full coverage lipsticks of all. Soft, satin lipsticks that feel like heaven on your lips.

Everything about Burberry Lip Cover lipstick is perfect.

The smooth texture of it. The perfect amount of pigment giving you the results you’re looking for without having to apply many layers. It’s so hydrating your lips will feel soft all day long. Of course they’re beautifully wrapped in the gorgeous luxurious magnetic case embedded with the Burberry trademark check.

Burberry Lip Cover Lipstick

The Burberry Lip Cover range is my most favourite range for choosing bare and nude lipsticks. There’s a great selection of shades which to me looks like they were genuinely designed to give women ‘their lips but better look’. I know this may sound crazy but I came across so may nude lipsticks that make most people look ill, that at some point I’ve lost hope that I’d ever be able to find one that will look good.

Thankfully a few years back Burberry launched their beauty range and since then I’m their faithful fan. I now have quite a few Burberry lipsticks. With them I’m able to create natural lip looks from ‘practically bare’ to ‘a bit more there’.

If you can visit the Burberry counter, do it. Find ‘your lips but better’ shade or try ordering online here.

My top picks are No 11(Antique Rose) and N10 (Dusty Rose).

Have you tried any Burberry beauty products yet?

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