Salon de Perfume – the new place to shop for a fragrance.

 Chanel Exclusives
There is a new place to visit for a true Perfume Connoisseur. Harrods’s Newly opened Salon De Perfume holds a variety of scent gems. This is the shopping destination for anyone who would like to own a unique scent. It might be just the place to shop for an unusual Christmas gift for loved ones too.

I’ve fallen in love with the Chanel exclusives.


Have you ever heard of Chanel No 5? Did you know that the exclusives came to life thanks to that scent?
It all started when Coco Chanel decided to create her first complex scent for ladies. You see at the time women didn’t have much choice when it came to fragrance. They could small of lavender, rose or jasmine, or lavender, rose or jasmine. Or… yes you get the point. Those scents were often made of one single note and were very potent. Gabrielle Chanel wanted women to smell alluring but at the same time to allow the skin to smell through. She decided to ask a perfumer to create for her such a scent.  Gabrielle would later gift it to her best clients. That’s how No 5 Perfume came to life. Today, it’s the worlds best selling scent. However, Gabrielle Chanel was presented with 4 more samples, and she didn’t want those to go to waste.
Chanel Perfume Boutique
In 1922 she launched her first Exclusive No.22. Later on the reigning 3 followed. Today there are a total of 14 exclusive scents, with the latest release being the 1932. You can try them all in the magnificent surroundings at Salon de Perfume where you’ll be taken care of. You can listen to all the stories and find out in detail what inspired the creation of each scent. Then you can take home not only a bottle of Chanel perfume but also a piece of Coco’s story, a small piece of her life.
If Chanel doesn’t cut it for you then you still have the amazing perfumer Roja Dove with his eclectic and opulent boutique. Offering the most unique blends of oils. Plus Clive Christian, Creed or Dior to name a few.
If you would like to loose yourself at Harrods Salon de Perfume, it’s situated on the six floor. The easiest access is via the escalators by door 3.

Don’t forget to let me know what you make of it when you visit Salon de Perfume.

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