Kiko Lip Duo Review.

KIKO Lip Duo in 02

For my current bold lip look, I’m loving this KIKO duo in red. Firstly it gives you a seriously lush pout and secondly it puts me in the christmas spirit. Don’t you think it’s quite a christmasy kind a red?

I picked up this Lip Duo for £12.90 the other week from the KIKO store. It contains a lip liner and a matching lipstick. It looks to me as if these sets are from a limited edition so hurry if you fancy a sexy pout! There are a few more shades available. Pink for more of an everyday lip look. Deep bold pink and something of a deep plum.

I’ve used KIKO products on a number of occasions and I haven’t ever been disappointed. This is the first time I used their lipstick and it won’t be the last one.

SocialBeautify wearing KIKO Luscious Punk


The lip liner is extractable. I like that a lot as I always need a pencil sharpener when it’s not around. It’s smooth and very long lasting.


The lipstick has proved to stay put perfectly too. Even in such a bright and bold shade. I have only reapplied it after having lunch or a cheeky coffee and cake. No smuggling and no bleeding. It also feels pretty comfortable on the lips for most of the day. Only by the end of he day my lips looked a bit dry, nothing a small dot of lipgloss in the centre of the lips wouldn’t fix.

It’s an absolute steal. I had to work hard to prevent myself from getting this lip duo in every shade available.

If you’re in London, the KIKO store is on Regent Street or you can order it online here.

Have you ever tried KIKO? What’s your current lipstick love?

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