LDN:Skins Limited Edition Self Tan Gift Sets Review

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LDN:Skins Limited Edition Gift Set

LDN:SKINS is a salon brand that now offers you that professional tan in the comfort of your home.

I put to the test the self tan and shimmering body lotion tanning duo.

In the pack you’ll find all you need to turn into a bronze goddess; self tan, gently shimmering body lotion, and gloves so you don’t have orange looking hands the next day.

I’m not a self tan PRO, so if I can get this right, anyone can.

In the past I only ever used a tanning mitt, so I was quite excited to see how I’d get on with the gloves.

The Tan:

I was recommended to start with a test patch as I’d never used LDN:SKINS products before. 24h later I was able to give it a proper go. I’ve never had a professional salon tan and my perception of salon delivered tan is based on programs such as ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. Yes you’re right, orange isn’t my favourite colour.



I put the gloves on and the tanning started. I like that the gloves are black. I just think it makes them look less gross. The tan is tinted and very dark, which on one hand is great as it makes the whole application process easier. I could perfectly see where I’d applied my product and if I was doing a good job with blending it evenly. I found that it was easier to blend than the tan I’ve tested and liked before; Vita Liberata. This tan has a lightweight texture but somehow appears more creamy, so it doesn’t sink into the skin too fast allowing you to blend it well. This part was a bit easier than with the self tan products I’ve tried so far. Scared of looking like an Oompa Loompa look-alike the next day, I was blending the product evenly and sparingly. Applying enough to cover my skin but without building a thick layer.

Shockingly it didn’t smell like self tan at all. Usually the smell is well masked but I’m still able to tell that it has a distinctive hint of self tan hiding beneath it, but not with this one. I didn’t even smell it while I was ‘baking’.

I must warn you though. The colour is greeny-brown and after application I looked like I’d had a fight with mud. Thankfully it washed off easily. After the morning shower the beautiful golden glow to my skin was revealed. I didn’t even look like I’d used self tan. I love it. It was the best tan I’ve tested this year.

I didn’t go very dark, but this was my intention. I like my self tan to look like a natural hint of warmth on my skin and stop it just before it starts to be obvious it’s not a real sun tan.

I gave it a go another night, building on the glow a bit more.

I’d happily use it again and again.

The Shimmering Body Lotion:

Now I’m starting to love LDN:SKINS even more. This body lotion has just the perfect proportion of shine, shimmer and moisture. The lightweight formula glides on to the skin and is absorbed nearly instantly. It left my skin with a very gentle glow, with an occasional glimpse of shimmer. The particles are so fine they made my skin look DELICIOUS rather than DISCO ready. Anyone at any age could use it. It perfectly enhances gently tanned skin. It has a very light texture so it probably wouldn’t replace your regular body moisturiser.


A fine glow and shimmer effect after I've applied Moisturising Shimmer to the back of my hand.

Fine glow and shimmer effect after I’ve applied Moisturising Shimmer to the back of my hand.

Overall I think the tan in particular is very impressive. If you’re like me and a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to self tanning this will tick all the boxes. It’s easy to use. It has no smell. Only a golden glow to look forward to and not forgetting the fact that it’s organic!

A must try if you’re a tanning PRO! I’m pretty sure you’ll find it equally impressive. Plus I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

The LDN:SKINS gift set is available from salons or online for £27.95.

(P.S. I’ve used Tone 2 – Medium)

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