Dior Christmas 2014 Eye Palette Review.

Dior Golden Shock Eye Palette

Dior Christmas 2014 makeup has “show stopping” colour combinations. The formula of the eye shadows is satin to touch, with a shimmering shade placed in the middle. This sparkly shade will be used to add the final touch to your look.

When I saw these palettes in the store, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Should you?

Dior eye shadows have a wonderful formula that is easy to work with. There is hardly any fallout, even when you’re working with the darkest shades. Their silky formula makes them easy to apply and blend. However not all shades are as intense as you may think they might be by looking at them in the palette.

What’s in the box?

The lightest shade is matt with micro bits of sparkle that are only apparent in the palette and become hardly noticeable once applied to the eyelids.

The remaining three shades are satin. The gold with an opalescent effect of purple. The lighter purple shade has the effect of gold. The darkest shade, which in my palette is a darker purple has the sheen of more vibrant, slightly bluish purple within it.

Finally, you’ll find your accent colour in the middle of the palette. It’s as if all the glitter was hard pressed in the middle and it’s best to use your finger to apply it.

How come the mid shades are so mediocre?

On my fair skin the mid tones didn’t build the intensity I was expecting. If you have olive or dark skin you’ll probably find they stand out much more thanks to their opalescent finish. I’d say they are somehow dual toned. For example if you look at the gold shade it has a hint of purple in it too. Nevertheless, I was a bit disappointed at the start.

Dior Christmas Collection 2014

Which shadows make it worth your money?

The more I used it the more I liked it. The dark shade and the show stopping accent gold have saved the day. Once those were applied the look was more appropriate for the festive season.

Dior Christmas 2014 Makeup

Although it might not be as bold and bright as I was expecting initially, I can’t deny that it’s a fabulous quality palette. Looking on the bright side; I don’t think the lack of intensity in the mid tones is a big deal. I’m able to use it for a more toned-down day look too.

Here’s the video review where you can see it in action. Enjoy.

The Dior eye shadow palette costs £42 and includes 5 different eye shadows. It’s just a tiny little bit more than most premium brands. Eye shadow palettes are usually somewhere around £35 – £40 for 4 shadows. If you have that cash to splash on Dior Christmas makeup, then by all means give it a go and you’ll love it. It’ll be your day to night winter look palette. But if you’re looking for a set to create red carpet eyes only, I’d probably go to Charlotte Tilbury and pick up her 4 shadow eye palette for £38. They tend to be very pigmented. The selection of the palettes isn’t anywhere near as big as Dior’s but there are a couple of dramatic looks available.

In the past I’ve created the look with the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette, you can find the video here.

What is your favourite eye palette for show stopping eyes?

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