Chocolate Whip oil-free body moisturiser review – by Cocoa Brown.

ChocolateWhip by Cocoa Brown

I was very excited to find it in the post and couldn’t wait to review it, a moisturising product developed purposely for tan lovers who hate the feeling of dry skin.

In the past I was always taught by tanning professionals that I shouldn’t be using any moisturising lotion before applying a self tan as it will stop it from working. But the release of this oil-free body lotion means that you can now have best of both worlds. A tan in the middle of winter and stay perfectly hydrated.

The Product.

Chocolate Whip… I wasn’t sure about all the chocolate theme. I do like chocolate but not in the form of a body cream. However when I had a go, I was pleased to recognise the distinctive scent of Cocoa Brown products, a fresh flowery scent with just a hit of chocolatey sweetness. Nothing sickly at all. It feels extremely light when you apply it. But I do feel you’ll need quite a generous amount to be sufficient for the whole body.

The test. 

I decided to put it to the test the same night as receiving it. I used it after having a shower followed with the Cocoa Brown Gradual Tan body lotion. Although gradual tan is a mix of both moisturiser and self tan, it doesn’t really require any another product to keep your skin feeling comfortable. Fear was the reason behind my thinking. I was just doubtful that I’m still going to achieve the same smooth finish with the tan. I thought that if I was going to end up looking patchy I wanted it to be as subtle as possible and gradual tan is usually very subtle upon one application.

The following morning I had the perfect hint of golden tan that you can achieve with Cocoa Brown Gradual Tan. No patches or unevenness.

Second Round. 

Braver after the initial test, I decided to use a proper self tan this time round.

This is when I appreciated the lightweight formula of Chocolate Whip. Its was so light it blended instantly and sank into my skin without leaving any residue. It felt as if my skin had taken a drink of water. No more shrivelled skin on my limbs when self tanning :). I followed with the self tanning product. It applied beautifully as if I hadn’t used anything before. Sometimes products applied on top of each-other can cause the first one to roll, but there was no such problem with the body moisturiser and tanning product. Now I just had to wait for the results in the morning.

I woke up with a golden glow to my skin. I’m sure that my tanning product worked equally well and the results were comparably if not the same as they are when I apply it directly onto my skin, without any prepping product.

The verdict!

If you’re into self tan I’d suggest you give it a go at least once. For just £7.99 for a 200ml tube Chocolate Whip is a steal. If you like it, you won’t ever have to choose between comfortable and hydrated or tanned skin ever again! :)

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