Clarins eye Essential palette 2014 review.

Clarins Essential Palette 2014

Clarins have launched their Christmas makeup palette. Its a big palette, which contains 10 different shades of eyeshadows. I was sent my very own and before I got around to testing it I read a review by British Beauty Blogger. When I found out she wasn’t particularly impressed with the formula, my chin literally dropped. I love Clarins and I wanted the Essential palette to be great!

So I put if through the extensive test and made sure I was as fair as possible and not influenced by the review I read.

The Facts:

In the palette you’re going to find a mixture of matt, satin and shimmery shades. These are mineral shadows of a formula that can be applied both dry or wet. I think it’s quite important to know what you’re buying into when purchasing Clarins eyeshadows. This brand stands for natural beauty so shadows wont ever be as bold as what you can find at Urban Decay or Ilamasqua counters. So even though I may not be expecting shocking shades I will look for quality and ease of use.

The Test: 

I tested the eyeshadows applied both dry and wet. I wanted to see what difference it would make to the final result and application process itself.

Dry Formula: 

The shadows blended easily. The light shades, used as a base shadow or to brighten the inner corner of the eyes were not intense. These shades could be a bit more brightening. But I haven’t seen too much of a problem with the medium and darker shades. I applied all on top of the instant smooth eye base, which helps to bring the colour out of the eyeshadow. I use this base on a daily bases and I never wear an eye shadow without a priming base so I only thought it was the fair way of testing in my case. I applied the eyeshadows with a placer brush (smaller and firmer brush). Then I blended the edges with a softer blending brush. I only applied the mascara to finish the look.

You can see the results on the images below.


Ewa from Social Beautify wearing the Essential Palette 2014 by Clarins

Wet Formula:

These eyeshadows can also be applied wet, with a damp eyeshadow brush. This is the only way to achieve a truly intense and dramatic finish with these shadows. Even the darkest shades when applied as a dry formula don’t build shocking intensity. The formula is still very blend-able even when applied with a damp brush. I like that a lot. However this is the only way to create that intense night out kind of eyes. In the palette there is also a glittery gold eyeshadow. This is best applied with a finger. I like it in the inner corner of the eye. I don’t really think it can be used all over on top of other eyeshadows to add glitter – like the gold sparkle in the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette. But it works perfectly as an accent shadow.

The results are below.

SB in Clarins Essential Palette


To buy or not to buy?

The Essential palette may not be everybody’s piece of ‘christmas’ cake but I wouldn’t scrap it completely either. By working on beauty counters for many years I learned that what is hardly any colour for one person, certainly is a lot of eyeshadow for another. It will find its place if you prefer the wash of colour type of look rather than an intense and bold makeup look. The colours are very much safe rather than shocking but in my eyes, that makes it more of an every day, real woman essential.

If you like intensely pigmented eyeshadows in a palette, this probably isn’t the best choice for you. Look to Urban Decay or Dior to find bold colours and brave colour combinations.

If your style is all about subtle enhancements this might be worth checking out. If you invest in this set it will certainly take you through the year. The palette costs £35. If you like the look of it or if like myself you’re a massive Clarins lover, than go to the counter and have a play. Try it on. Try to create a look just as you would at home. Can you do it? Are you happy with the result? If the answer is yes get it! No, keep looking!

You can pick up this palette online from Clarins website too.

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