Double serum review diary.


Double Serum from Clarins is currently one of the hottest beauty serums on the market. It’s won many awards since its launch and I’ve been dying to put it to test.
It’s clever dual formula technology with is part oil and part water based mimics the composition of skin cells, which are 70% water and 30% oil.

So what can you hope for when using Double Serum?

We can hope to tackle a few skin concerns in one go as this is a global care product, what that basically means is that it’s been designed to help with skin hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration.

I put it to the test and decided to document weekly the changes I noticed in my skin, if any. I stopped using any other serums to make sure it was a fair test but continued with the same cleansing routine, morning and evening. The results are below.

Week one:

It smells delightful, soft but a visible scent. One of those you notice upon application but then it just disappears. You can see the two formulas mixed together when you squeeze the product out. It glides on the skin making it feel very supple. I loved that. The texture is lightweight but you’ll have enough time to evenly distribute it on your complexion before it sinks in. At first the skin looks a bit shiny, which is due to the oil content. I was wondering how this oily formula will perform. I do love oil treatments but a serum, which I’d be using on my combination skin is a separate story.
Very quickly I realised it wasn’t that oily after all. It all absorbed into my skin, leaving my complexion soft and super hydrated.

My bare skin at the start of the treatment.

My bare skin at the start of the treatment.

3 days later.

That’s where I already noticed astonishing improvements to my skin condition. I used to have a lot of flaky skin on my oilier parts; around my nose, chin and occasionally on my forehead. These were areas that get more congested. The skin now was smooth and the flakiness has nearly disappeared. For the first time in months my skin looked like it was becoming more balanced and resistant to external factors. I was jumping with excitement.

Week two!

By week two my skin was glowing. It was glowing despite me not getting much sleep recently, all Isabelle’s fault. She’s my new cat and she loves getting a lot of attention at 6 am :) My flakey skin had now nearly disappeared, there was only one small area on my chin, which was previously the worst looking area. It felt as if the skin in this area didn’t have strength to self repair. The products I was using previously were not helping either. I couldn’t get over the results I was seeing. I had been using good quality products before and all were always carefully selected to my skin needs. Sometimes in this case it’s hard to see remarkable results or difference in performance between one premium product and another. This was a different story! I was excited and motivated to religiously use Double Serum in the morning and evening.

Week three!

The ‘beauty sleep’ started actually making difference and I was waking up with a fresh, glowing and plumped complexion. My skin looked fresh all day! It was now perfectly hydrated all the time and glowing! It was seriously glowing! I swapped my foundation to a BB cream even on the days I was required to wear a full face makeup. I did that to let my skin shine through. I was proud of it. I’m in love with Double Serum! I started to treasure the time I was applying it to my skin paying more attention to it gliding on my skin and its scent.

Week four!

Who said that you can’t make your pores smaller once they stretch? What a load of rubbish? Ok I know you can’t physically make your pores smaller but you can strengthen them and refine! Has the Double Serum done that! Hell yes!! My pores are half the size they were 3 weeks ago! I can’t get over it! My skin must be balanced better as it doesn’t seem to be so oily in the t-zone anymore and it doesn’t feel as dehydrated either. I’m sure this is due to Double Serums clever double formula that mimics those of a healthy skin. By week four I also noticed that my skin started absorbing all my skincare products better. I’m only guessing it must have something to do with hydration. Dehydrated skin can prevent your products from being absorbed so It only makes sense that skin that is well hydrated and free from dry dead skin cells on its surface will be taking on all the goodness with ease.

Double Serum Diary

My expression line on the forehead hasn’t disappeared but it’s much smoother than it was 4 weeks ago. I hope it’ll improve even more as I continue to use Double Serum. I wasn’t expecting miracles. Especially when it comes to lines. There’s no way a beauty product will turn back time. So I’m thrilled to see better results than what I was hoping for. Especially in such a short time.

The overall results are remarkable! It’s like being given baby skin once again as if by a magic touch!! I know now I’m addicted to double serum and it’s now a staple in my skincare routine! It’s been by far the best serum I’ve tested over last 3 years! You absolutely must try it! Do whatever it takes! Eat pasta save up and give it a go! Write LOVE letters to Santa to find it under the christmas tree? Alternatively pretend it’s your birthday, throw a party – just don’t forget the wish list! You must get your hands on one! You can thank me later xx :)


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