Georgia May Jagger – The new face of ANGEL by Thierry Mugler


Image credit: Thierry Mugler

You must have heard of ANGEL by Thierry Mugler? If you haven’t you certainly will do now as Georgia May Jagger has become the new face of the fragrance. Following her mum’s footsteps, who used to be the face of the scent 19 years ago. Georgia has reviled her new campaign at the end of June.

Let me tell you a secret!

I’ve smelt ANGEL a million times and never could decide weather I love it or hate it! I suppose it’s a bit like a Marmite. I liked it on others but always thought it might be just a bit overpowering for myself. So I never committed to it. Until the day I was gifted my very own hand crafted ‘Star’ of ANGEL.

Angel - Star


The secret is to look beyond what’s obvious.I discovered that it should be only tested on the skin. I was seriously missing out!  At first Angel is sweet! It’s powerful!  More intense with a strong kick than the name may suggest!

However aren’t angels supposed to be just that? Sweet and strong?!

This is why you should always test Angel by Terry Mugler on the skin.

Even if you not sure when sniffing it on the blotter. Give it a chance to show you its softer side.

On my skin Angel quickly became softer and mysterious. Addictive in a way! It became somehow soft and powdery with an addictive note to it. I love wearing it. I love smelling it on my scarfs. Last time I was getting ready in the morning I spritzed it by my bed side, and tiny droplets of Angel must have landed on my pillow as Angel was the last thing I could smell when falling asleep and the first thing I recall when I woke up. I loved that.

I’m in love with Angel. I use my precious star only for a special occasions, when I want to feel sweet and powerful.

Now, when I look at the image of Georgia I knew she perfectly fitted to be the face of Angel. Her angelic look has got something mysterious and addictive in it. Just like the scent itself.


Image: Thierry Mugler

Don’t just look at the picture, make your way to the beauty counter and have a spritz. Try it on your wrist and see what happens!


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