Corporate to cocktails eyes makeup tutorial.


Imagine sitting in your favourite cocktail bar with your best friends and having no worries in the world. A couple of cheeky cocktails with the girlfriends after work can really make you feel on top of the world, can’t they?

Whenever I go out I like to look like I made some effort, don’t you? But days are long. You’re rushing straight from work to get to the bar before ‘happy hour’ is over! Occasionally you may even have something more formal to attend after working hours. A work event or a dinner with a client.

How can you transform your look in a flash, from a business woman to a charming and alluring lady?

The trick is in the eyes.

In this tutorial I’ll show you a makeup look perfect for work, and tricks that will make it a doddle to transform your look into evening sophistication.

Watch this short video and all will be revealed.

Your key product is the eye palette.

Choose your shades carefully. Making sure they will look natural on your skin. Reach for eyeshadows that have a versatile formula. For e.g.. Clarins and Lancôme eyeshadow pallets can be used wet and dry and both brands offer good neutral shades in their eyeshadow sets.

You don’t need to remove your day eye makeup, you simply build upon what you already have. Eye shadows formulated to be used dry or wet will allow you to do so without any product dropping on your under eye area and creating a mess. Simply damp your applicator and apply your shadows wet to avoid fallouts and have intense colour.

Kohl pencil could come in handy too.

It’s easy to intensify and frame your eyes. You also don’t have to have a steady hand to draw a line. With a pencil liner you can work bit by bit, drawing tiny strokes until you get the look you like. A wonky line is not an issue either. Simply smudge it a little and pop over a tiny bit of the eyeshadow, and you’re done. The final result will be beautiful.

The third and final product that makes a difference is the mascara.

I’d recommend you use a volumising mascara. Ideally something that you can build-up. What I mean by that is a mascara that was formulated to allow you to add layers without looking clumpy and bobbly. No7 does one like it and my ultimate favourite is Lancôme’s Hypnose. However in this video I’m using L’Oreal Mega Volume Collagen24 mascara and it also does the job perfectly.

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